The 10 best looks by Deepika Padukone let us stop and stare

Deepika Padukone has never been a style statement. Every time she goes out, it makes people dizzy. Whether it’s her airport look or her sari, she knows how to play while making everything look effortless. She can rock almost anything-from leather pants to monochrome clothing, and provide you with some impeccable style inspiration.

From the beginning of her career, her first film, Om Shanti Om, visualized the style of her character Shanti Priya, especially the retro pink ensemble. Then she continued to shoot movies such as Cocktails, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Tamasha, Ram Leela and Bajirao Mastani, which provided fashion inspiration for many fashion vendors. She is a phenomenon and she will never look back.

When she celebrated her birthday today, we traced back some of her most beautiful looks in the past two years. Take a look.

Leather fever

Thanks to Deepika, Gen-Z has now fully adapted to this trend. People saw her wearing sports leather pants on different occasions, mixing and matching different patterns and materials, which brought us the final result of FABULOUS fit. Making her look avant-garde and bold, Deepika shocked the aesthetic of this “biking chick”. The golden touch with hoops is a great way to break the all-black look while maintaining the atmosphere she intends to serve.

Monochrome from head to toe

Wearing the same color from top to bottom and taking it off like the ultimate fashionista is not easy, but this is what makes her a Deepika Padukone. She has mastered the monotonous sports and casual outfits, which she often wears at the airport. Here, she used a pair of flared leather pants to bring a little change to this trend. Comfortable and chic has never been so sexy!

Deepika Padukone

Desi girl

She made headlines with her pale blue yellow saree, for all the right reasons. She looks like the real incarnation of summer. As we can see from this look, keeping it simple and elegant is always useful to her. Another tip from Deepika is how to keep your accessories to a minimum, so that everyone’s eyes will be on your beautiful clothes.

Deepika Padukone

Go for a ride in a corset

As we all know, Deepika incorporates her style into every trend, and she did this through this year’s manifesto, the corset. Although most people choose to wear a corset or top, she wears it over a loose white shirt to take it to the next level. Pair it with loose jeans and voila! You have a dress that everyone wants to steal. With some thick gold jewelry and dewy blush makeup, she looks very fashionable in this weird outfit.

Deepika Padukone

Make it its “runway” style

If she knows how to rock sports and leisure, she also knows how to kill gorgeous dresses. Look at this pink number. The material, the cut, the frills, and of course the color, everything is just right. Not too much, not too little, just…perfect. She paired it with her iconic low messy bun and big earrings, nothing else, the classic Deepika Padukone touch.

Deepika Padukone

Back to black

Black is elegant, elegant and bold-these three words also describe Deepika Padukone, so it is fair that she provides some looks in this color that look like she is tailored to her. She looks very elegant in this black saree, simple and full of texture. The asymmetrical rotation of traditional saree is a great choice for this season. With her gel-like back hair, minimalist jewellery, and her grace when she puts on the curtains, this figure has always been a ballet dancer.

Deepika Padukone

Genderless fashion

Gone are the days of elegant “girl next door” dresses. Deepika came here to change…trousers! The way she paired it with color-block high heels and retro sunglasses gave us the atmosphere of the 90s. It is always a good idea to play with prints, which can add interesting elements to your outfit. Layer it with thick accessories and swaggering ways, and you might be closer to this style of mafia and her unshakable idiot.

Deepika Padukone

83 Fanatic

In order to increase 83’s existing glory, Deepika added some eye-popping appearances to the red carpet. Our personal favorite is this dark green dress with the most exquisite jewelry. Her winged lining adds more drama to this ensemble. The short wavy hair fits right on her shoulders, we can only say that we are in love with the whole look, and Deepika is as charming as ever.

Deepika Padukone

Royal feeling

Add some charm and luxury to your wardrobe by adding coats and knee-length dresses. Stack it with stockings, prints, and different materials, and you will feel like a royal family. Keep your hair simple and clean, with minimal accessories. Choose bright colors and prints, preferably a color from head to toe, which is absolutely noble from all aspects. Minimalism exists, and Deepika Padukone gave us a lesson on how to be perfect.

Deepika Padukone

About sequins

Add shimmer like Deepika! She shines like a star. Looking like a heroine in this midnight blue sequin dress, nothing comes closer than the pure definition of love at first sight. This look is so charming and shiny, it shouts STARDOM. With classic csleep drape, smoky eye makeup, nude lips, and a gel wet back that now seems to be her next iconic hairstyle, Deepika is a place to see.

Deepika Padukone

After watching all these very elegant and stylish individual items worn by Deepika, we are sure that almost everyone wants to steal these items from her wardrobe immediately. We hope you get some #FashionInspo from our fashionistas today. Try and implement some of the techniques Deepika Padukone swears by, and maybe you will dominate the fashion world like her.

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