The 10 actors we want, who is the next doctor after Judy Whitaker

Wunmi Mosaku of Loki, Henry Golding of Snake Eyes, TARDIS of Doctor Who, Dame Judi Dench of Skyfall, and John Boyega of Star Wars

Who is next?
image: Marvel Studios, Paramount, BBC, MGM and Lucasfilm

Judy Whitaker is no longer a doctor.Well, she is actually Very Doctors in the next year and a half, but With today’s shock announcement She and the current host Chris Chibnall are leaving Doctor Who By the end of 2022, we have arrived-The glorious tradition dreams that Buck is wild who can replace her (Being I don’t know what the BBC does, The most important thing is its budget, in fact work).

Since the news came out this morning, we have asked the editors and writers of io9 and Gizmodo to put forward their own hopes and dreams for the 14th PhD, whether they are Doctor Who Diehards (me, Jill Pantozzi) or Whovian novice (Almost the rest of the staff, It’s okay, there are too many TVs anyway).Below is our list, so, I don’t know, everything is fine Doctor Who Fans do–HJudging us rudely and yelling in the comments?

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