Tesla reportedly will move stores out of high-end malls and use remote fleets

According to reports, the days of seeing Tesla stores in high-end shopping malls and retail centers may be over Report from ElectrekSources told the website that Tesla will focus on finding cheaper spaces, such as parking lots and warehouses, which will accommodate remote fleets.The company will also not fire its retail employees (actually in Hiring boom). These staff will help manage Tesla’s testing and procurement in these remote areas, rather than linking with individual stores.

If this news sounds familiar, it’s because Tesla previously stated that it will Close most stores Before 2019 Fast reverse. This new strategy, if finally implemented, seems to be a more sensible implementation of the plan. Most Tesla customers already buy cars online, so there is no need for expensive mall stores. Cheaper locations are also more suitable for accommodating more vehicles, which will help meet the growing demand for purchases and test drives.

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