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Tesla gets its share of the benefits it deserves Regulators with Safety Supporting the deployment of its “fully autonomous driving” beta system in recent months is worrying, but so far, it has successfully avoided to a large extent the ability to quietly add the ability to play video games while driving. Review.

Videos of commenters and drivers visiting the game during exercise have popped up on YouTube and been Noticed The New York Times this week.While playing games Teslas are not new, (the company started Add to Arcade-style games as early as 2019) do this The vehicles are outside the park.

According to “The Times” report, this particular feature was released in the summer as part of an over-the-air update. The update includes three new games-card, The power of the sky reloads, with Battle of Dotopias: Moonrise-All of these are said to be playable while driving. When these games are launched, users will see a warning that the games can only be played by passengers. According to reports, there is currently nothing stopping the driver from simply lying and starting the game.

Tesla did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment.

Tesla decides to double its investment in video games and other in-vehicle games entertainment Although NHTSA has long existed, but like Netflix and Hulu streaming media Guidelines It is recommended that equipment manufacturers design systems so that drivers do not use them to perform “secondary tasks that are inherently distracting while driving.” Although other automakers provide systems that allow drivers and passengers to watch movies or other entertainment on the front display, these systems are usually disabled when the driver leaves the parking space. The risk here is high: Distracted driving accounts for 8.7% of all car accident deaths in the United States. according to NHTSA data, although many experts expect this number to be much higher.

The NHTSA did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment.

Presumably, Tesla’s rationale for adding video games into its vehicles stems from its vision of creating a fully autonomous vehicle experience where drivers can take back the time they would have wasted screaming in traffic to do work or entertain themselves. This vision, of turning vehicles into the next screen, is shared by many in the auto industry and is why traditional consumer technology companies like Apple with Millet According to reports, they are developing their own driverless cars.Elon Musk Unfold Earlier this year, he himself came up with this idea when showing a demo played by someone Cyberpunk 2077 At Tesla.

“Think about the future where cars are often in autonomous or fully autonomous driving mode, then entertainment will become more and more important,” Musk said. “If you don’t drive, you will want to watch movies, play games, use the Internet, and all the things you want to do.”

The only problem is that Tesla is not completely autonomous-they are not even very close.

Although Tesla is currently testing its “fully autonomous driving” driver assistance feature in the Beta version, the name is deceptive because it actually only achieves Level 2 autonomous driving within the sixth level.Tesla was forced to clarify FSD regulations letter Submitted to regulators at the end of last year. However, this information has not been clearly communicated to Autopilot users or FSD beta participants, and the addition of video games will only exacerbate this confusion. All of this may encourage drivers to view the system as a more advanced system than it actually is. Some Teslas sell for about $100,000. Can you really blame the driver for expecting a more exciting experience than glorified cruise control?

These are Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Ed Markey sent a copy earlier this year letter Federal Trade Commission Chairman Lina Khan urged her agency to investigate Tesla’s misleading advertisements about Autopilot and FSD.

The senators wrote: “We are concerned that Tesla’s autopilot and FSD functions are not as mature and reliable as the company advertises to the public.” “It is important to understand these limitations, because when the driver’s expectations exceed the vehicle’s capabilities At times, it can and does cause serious and fatal accidents.”

These systems have caused real-world accidents, and with the increase of entertainment functions, these accidents have increased risks.For those who track records, NHTSA is currently survey There have been 11 accidents since 2018, all of which involved a collision between Tesla and an emergency vehicle. According to the agency, these crashes caused a total of 17 injuries and 1 death.Most importantly, a complain The report submitted to NHTSA last month appeared to show the first major incident involving Tesla’s FSD beta.

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