Terry McLaurin was unable to stop the controversial catch.Ask Black Panther

Charlotte, North Carolina — Terry McLaughlin Asked which is harder: 39-yard catch, full coverage of defenders he? Or a 12-yard touchdown he Figured it out, even though there is a guard on it he.

he Went with the shorter one.

“When you are in the red (zone), everything is controversial,” McLaughlin Said after defeating the Carolina Panthers 27-21 on Sunday.

For the wide receiver in Washington, this is just another incredibly typical day.

According to Pro Football Focus, into the weekend, McLaughlin has led the NFL in 21 controversial catches. Thanks to McLaughlin’s two jaw-dropping snatches for the Panthers, this number is sure to rise after Sunday’s victory.

In an uneven year in Washington, McLaughlin’s performance was incredible-his progress in controversial catches took his game to the next level.

Against Carolina, McLaughlin completed five catches and one touchdown for 103 yards.

“He is a killer,” said teammate and wide receiver DeAndre Carter. “He has a good shooting percentage, but he can still play. He shows that we are a strong, stubborn, and stubborn kid.”

The wonderful reel game focused the focus of the NFL on McLaughlin. He is no longer considered the overlooked wide receiver of Ohio State University in the third round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Today, the more appropriate debate seems to be McLaughlin’s ranking among the best perimeter players in the NFL.

Although McLaughlin has performed well in his first two seasons, the 26-year-old has not consistently demonstrated his ability in controversial catches like this year. According to Pro Football Focus, McLaughlin caught 11 controversial catches in 2020 and 15 as a rookie. Through 10 games, he has surpassed this number.

McLaughlin tried to solve this aspect of his game. In college, coaches consider this area to be McLaughlin’s weakness-he is a deep threat rarely used by Ohio State University, and they value his leadership ability. McLaughlin started working overtime after practice to catch more balls.

Since then, McLaughlin has become stronger and he often fights through contact. In the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week, he withstood a three-pointer and six-pointer fatal blow, still holding the ball to win the first goal. This game is particularly important because Washington continues to score and locks the game’s touchdown.

It turns out that wide receivers are equally important this week. For example, McLaughlin’s 39-yard catch was ranked third and ninth, and kept Washington’s first scoring. Moments later, quarterback Taylor Heinicke found Cam Sims for a 6-yard touchdown.

Later in the game, when McLaughlin received the ball from 12 yards in the end zone, a small gap appeared in the coverage of the outside players-helping the Burgundy team and the Gold team to tie the score to 14 points. In order to complete the catch, McLaughlin had to get a devastating blow from the Panthers to safety Jeremy Chin.

Chin’s shot caused a pass interference penalty, but there was no need to accept it-McLaughlin had already caught it.

“One of my goals this year is to become a better controversial receiver,” McLaughlin said. “When you have opportunities for the ball in the air and you can catch them, it will bring a lot of energy and confidence to your quarterback, your offense and your team.

“This is something I have been working on.”

McLaughlin’s work sets him apart. Before the weekend, the next receiver closest to McLaughlin in a controversial catch was New England’s Jacoby Myers, who had 14 catches.

“I’m very happy that he joined our team,” Hynek said.

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