Tensions in Russia increase, Ukrainian president praises military

Kiev, Ukraine (Associated Press) – UkraineOn Monday, the President of the United States welcomed the country’s military, stating that its military is capable of resisting potential attacks. Moscow As Russia builds up its troops near the Ukrainian border, tensions have increased.

Ukrainian and Western officials worry that Russia’s military concentration may herald the Kremlin’s plans to attack its neighbors, and this concern is expected to dominate the call between the presidents on Tuesday. Vladimir Putin And Joe Biden.

Ukrainian President Volodmir Zelensky praised the country’s army as “a powerful and well-organized army that is confident in its potential and capable of undermining any expansion plans of the enemy”.

“Ukrainian soldiers are continuing to perform their most important task-protecting the freedom and sovereignty of the country from Russian invaders,” said Zelensky, who wore on while visiting troops near the separatist conflict zone in the eastern part of the country. Up a combat suit. .

Conflicts with Russian-backed insurgents UkraineThe eastern industrial heartland broke out a few weeks later MoscowThe Crimean Peninsula was annexed in 2014. The fighting has killed more than 14,000 people, and efforts to negotiate a settlement have stalled.

US intelligence officials determined that Russia had assembled approximately 70,000 soldiers near its border. Ukraine And it has begun planning for an invasion as early as early next year.

Moscow Denying the incubation plan to attack Ukraine And rejected Western concerns as part of the effort to discredit Russia.

at the same time, Putin Has urged the West to provide exclusions Ukraine Join NATO and deploy the alliance’s weapons on its territory.

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