Ted Nugent resigned from the NRA board of directors after 26 years in office, citing a “scheduling conflict”

Ted Nugent said on Friday that he resigned from the board of directors of the National Rifle Association because a “scheduling conflict” caused the rock guitarist to give up his seat after working for about 26 years.

Nugent wrote in a resignation letter he shared on social media: “It’s time for me to face the danger of burning candles at both ends.”

“I salute you and thank you for your endless dedication to our right to own and carry weapons. Although I did not sit on the board of directors with you, I would indeed be fierce on the not-so-main streets of the United States. Fights as usual, damn every day,” Mr. Nugent wrote in a letter to NRA members.

The NRA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Mr. Nugent, 72, has long been one of the most famous members of the NRA board of directors. When the musician joined the band’s board of directors in the 1990s, he had been engaged in professional performance and recording for about two decades.

In his resignation letter, Mr. Nugent stated that he feels “honoured and humbled” to serve on the NRA board for such a long time and will continue to fight against “evil forces” that oppose gun ownership.

Mr. Nugent wrote: “I was not elected to the board of directors as an accountant, administrator, shuffler, or bureaucrat. Instead, I was leading the good against the bad in this deafening culture war.” Former column of the Washington Times writer.

Except for the “scheduling conflict,” Mr. Nugent did not specify what caused him to resign from the NRA board 25 years later. He currently plans to perform live at the concert in July 2022.

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