Tear gas fired at Liverpool fans in CL final stadium chaos

PARIS (AP) — Riot police fired tear gas and pepper spray at supporters waiting in long lines to reach the Champions League final, as security guards battled desperate fans at the Stade de France on Saturday. Fight, the final was delayed by 37 minutes.

Angry Liverpool fans waiting in line were seen hanging from the railing and heard shouting: “Let’s get in. We have tickets.”

There have been many instances of fans breaking through security and trying to get into the stadium. The Associated Press saw two fans – one in a Liverpool outfit – being thrown to the ground by butlers and strapped out the gate.

Three other fans were seen avoiding the stewards and sprinting across the hall and into the ground floor of the stadium. Others, not wearing obvious club clothes, climbed the fence while Liverpool fans yelled at them to get down.

While fans are still trying to get in, a fantastic start to the European club season kicks off. Riot police fired a fresh round of tear gas at people outside the fence from within the security area. The police and the housekeeper were seen falling to the ground, under the influence of the eye irritating substance.

Supporter Colm Lacey saw “children crying and people trapped” outside the entrance.

“People start cutting in line, and then they open the door and someone pushes,” Lacey said.

About 15 minutes before the scheduled kick-off at 9pm local time (1900 GMT), it was announced that there would be a delay, blamed on fans arriving late to the stadium. The stadium was ridiculed given the long queues those fans had already made. The game finally kicked off at 9.37pm local time.

“We’ve been standing at this gate since 6:15,” Liverpool fan Angela Murphy told The Associated Press across the fence. “My asthma was so bad that I was gassed twice. I was really struggling.”

When asked what caused the tear gas, Murphy replied: “Nothing, we’re standing here. Nothing. It’s just horrible. We’ve been doing great.”

Police officers armed with batons and riot shields ran from door to door to prevent some fans from forcing their way into the stadium without showing tickets. A policeman fell to the ground and had to be helped by other policemen. Police have repeatedly used tear gas on Liverpool fans. A Liverpool fan kissed his ticket and looked skyward after he finally passed through security.

UEFA accused people of trying to get into the stadium without legal tickets, but did not provide details on where they might have come from.

“Before the game, the revolving door at the Liverpool end was blocked by thousands of fans who bought fake tickets that did not work at the revolving door,” UEFA said in a statement.

“This caused a gathering of fans trying to get in. As a result, kick-off was delayed 35 minutes to allow as many fans as possible to enter with genuine tickets. After kick-off, the number of people outside the stadium increased and police used tear gas to disperse them. , and forced them to leave the stadium.”

The scenes were reminiscent of the chaos outside Wembley before last year’s European Championship final. This was mainly due to England fans actively trying to get into their home grounds to watch Italy win the game.

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