Taylor Heinicke’s swagger shines

With the coming of November weekend, this one is very suitable Washington Sports fans.

In Saturday’s National Women’s Football League Championship, the Washington Spirit defeated the Chicago Red Stars 2-1 to win their first championship.

Later that night, after losing to the Eastern Conference champion Miami two days ago, the Washington Wizards beat the Heat 103-100 in front of the home audience at Capital One Arena.

Oh, the Washington football team went to Charlotte to defeat one of the best defensive teams in the NFL, Carolina Panthers, 27-21, they won for the second time in a row. Now, even with a 4-6 record, the playoffs are more real.

Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Usually, this is not the case.

Given the instability of women’s professional football, most fans may not even know that there is a Washington Spirit team that can support it since its inception in 2013. But the sport seems to be gaining a foothold, and people have noticed it now.

Oops, Alex Ovechkin noticed that the future Hall of Fame member of the Washington Capitals was one of the team’s few investors and congratulated him on Twitter after winning the championship. “@WashSpirit makes DC proud!”

proudly? After the Wizards’ comeback in a victory over the Heat on Saturday night, Button may have gone bankrupt-allowing them to achieve a 11-5 record, which is the team’s best start since 1974.

That was before November 47.

November is reserved for the 9-20 Wizards, we have already started to fire and ignore them.

Not this November.

“We will not panic,” Bradley Beal told reporters after his victory on Saturday night.

That was a quick Eddie Felson conversation in “The Liar.”

Then there is the Washington football team.

Their location in this fun-filled November is not that unusual.

In the past, we have seen 4-6 or some version of it become the playoffs. Just last year, they had a 4-7 record on Thanksgiving and won the injured NFC East with a 7-9 record.

Their record on November 18, 2012 was 4-6-that magical Robert Griffin III season, and perhaps the last time Washington football fans felt that they had a special opportunity in November-and then in a wild card game It ended in a disastrous defeat. The collapse of Seattle and the quarterback’s hopes and dreams.

They had a 4-6 record on November 22, 2015, and Kirk Cousins ​​had his “You Like That!” comeback game against Tampa Bay on October 25 that season.

They will continue to win NFC East with a 9-7 record and then lose to Green Bay in the wild card game.

But Cousins ​​has never been a quarterback of hopes and dreams. No matter how good he played, he never had the passion of November. There is always a feeling that when it is important, he will fumble for snapshots or throw key interceptions.

So why is there a glimmer of hope suddenly resurrected in November this year? Is it because October 1-4 looks so hopeless? Is it an illusion of two consecutive victories? We have seen this before in Cousins ​​and Alex Smith.

Dare i say why?

Taylor Heinicke-former XFL substitute player.

Last week, Washington football coach Ron Rivera told you why quarterback teammates have hope. When asked about Hynek’s “swagger”, Rivera replied: “Yes, oh yes. I think it’s great. I really do. But I think it’s helpful to him and his teammates. I can feel this too. It’s interesting because when you talk to players about him, one thing they always say is that when we get the ball in certain situations, we feel we have a chance. This is Your teammates believe that you can accomplish all of the things that are really helpful.”

Former New York Giants general manager Ernie Akosi once told me that the quarterback you want is this kind of person. When he got on the team bus, everyone else thought they had a chance to win because of him that day. Rivera tells you that Hynek’s teammates feel this way about him.

Now, after two weeks of outstanding performance—54 finishes, 42 finishes for 462 yards, 4 touchdowns, no interceptions—against two outstanding teams, the defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the top ranked team Panther defense, Washington Fans may begin to believe the same thing.

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