Taliban rejects Western accusations due to worsening relations

Afghanistanof Taliban On Sunday, the leadership rejected sharp criticism from the United States and many Western allies that the regime had begun targeted killings of security officials associated with the US-backed Kabul government.

The U.S. State Department on Saturday condemned the Taliban In the four months since it took control of the country with a lightning strike this summer, the government has killed or detained more than 100 former police and intelligence personnel without trial.

Although the leaders of the Islamic movement promised to grant amnesty to members of the downfalling government, retaliation took place. Taliban The leaders cited the amnesty as a key reason for lifting the US and Western economic sanctions and cooperating with the new government, because as winter approaches, the new government is fighting a serious economic and humanitarian crisis.

Despite some connections, Western powers have not yet fully participated TalibanThe State Department’s statement on Saturday night indicated that concessions such as diplomatic recognition are still far away.

The alleged behavior “constitutes a serious violation of human rights and is incompatible with TalibanDeclare an amnesty,” the joint statement read. “We call for Taliban Effectively implement the amnesty for former members of the Afghan security forces and former government officials to ensure that they are maintained nationwide and throughout the ranks. “

“We will continue to measure Taliban Through their actions,” the 22 countries said.

The watchdog organization Human Rights Watch released a report at the end of last month detailing what it described as systematic retaliation. The November 30 report stated that many former government members were lured into public by the government’s promises. Taliban Leader, each applicant will be screened and receive a letter to ensure their safety.

“However Taliban These screenings have been used to detain individuals and summary executions or forcibly disappeared within a few days of registration, leaving their bodies to relatives or communities to find,” Human Rights Watch researchers wrote.

The monitoring organization stated that its findings were based on personal interviews and phone calls with nearly 70 witnesses in four provinces of Afghanistan.

But top Taliban On Sunday, the official denied the allegations and stated that the regime had not received any evidence of unfair retaliation.

A spokesperson for the Afghan Ministry of the Interior said: “We have had some cases where members of the former government were killed, but these were caused by personal grievances. We have arrested those involved.” Said Horsti said in the video statement, according to To the Reuters news agency. “This is a slander against the Islamic Emirate Afghanistan, Not justice. “

An interagency team of diplomatic, aid, and security officials from the Biden administration met Taliban Representative in Doha last week, but the U.S. and other Western governments have adopted diplomatic recognition as a sign that the new government respects civil liberties, women’s and minority rights, and has avoided widespread retaliatory attacks on Afghans associated with the previous government .

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