Talecraft is a PvP playing and winning cardboard game, which will be launched on Roco’s RocoStarter IGO platform soon

Encryption is changing. Where ICO investment products used to be an ideal place, playing and making money has become an increasingly popular way for users to access cryptocurrencies and attract many people. Playing games in Metaverse and earning rewards for the promised time reflects the pattern of the gaming industry and the waiting opportunities. Rocostarter’s new metaverse cardboard game Talecraft aims to fill the vacant space for crypto investors with metaverse ideas. Roco is working with Rise online Publish on their platform.

Legendary worldIt is a PvP playing and winning cardboard game, which will be launched on the Avalanche network through Roco’s RocoStarter IGO platform. RocoStarter as the starting point Allow partner companies Interact with potential players and provide investment options. The company can not only contact potential players, but also provide technical support. RocoStarter also contributes to the token economy of the project by providing staking efficiency after the incubation and training phase, ensuring safe trading opportunities for investors.

Hosted on the Avalanche network, Roco Launcher It is an entrepreneurial platform based on decentralized community support. In order to ensure the fair function of participants seeking early investment choices, RocoStarter also seeks to provide priority participation for venture capital and similar groups. The end result should be a platform that can ensure equal opportunities to enter the early stages of crypto projects, which are often difficult to access.

RocoStarter not only aims to achieve the above goals, but the platform is also committed to providing initial Dex products by holding $ROCO tokens. Through the cooperation with RocoStarter and the assistance of their internal expert team, further difficulties in marketing, development, advertising, and lack of consultation can be alleviated. The DAO service is also available to potential partners, enabling people to create a pool on the platform.

In order to join the IGO on RocoStarter, you must complete the KYC process and then use Roco tokens to put it into the initial pool. After that, the user can pledge the required minimum number of Roco tokens, enter the IGO page, and vote for the IGO that is about to participate. If users are eligible to participate, they can join IGO by clicking the “Join IGO” button and exchange their $AVAX to purchase tokens for the new project. After the exchange, new tokens will be automatically sent to their wallets.

Talecraft uses unique mint and crafting mechanics, allowing players to increase their power through NFT alchemy. Elemental basic cards are sold every week, allowing enthusiastic players to participate in the medieval meta-universe. NFT holders receive $AVAX revenue generated by the game ecosystem. In order to guarantee participation in Talecraft, users need to pledge $400 of ROCO tokens and vote to join Talecraft IGO in order to purchase the $CRAFT tokens to be used. Staking for Talecraft will start on November 19. The project issued 30 million CRAFTs, of which 3.75 million were opened to the public at a price of US$0.28 per token, or US$150,000.

The current crypto market is not the easiest to grasp. But with Roco’s Talecraft, people can use their time in the medieval meta-universe to increase their assets on a platform that strives for transparency and equal opportunities for players. Join Talecraft and you will be rewarded for your efforts and get new and exciting cards through alchemy. For many cryptocurrency investors, playing and making money is an attractive way, and the upcoming Talecraft is definitely worth paying attention to.

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