TABOO will launch the first NFT collection for the supermodel

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) enhance the biggest attraction of getting out of the cryptocurrency market in this bull market season. It has risen from being a fan token of a popular sports league to the most sought-after product that every industry wants to launch today. It all started when digital artist Beeple sold his work for $69 million. Since then, every well-known brand, celebrity, and sports star has either launched some form of NFT or is seeking to do so. Some of the major brands that are addicted to NFT include Dolce Gabbana, Coca-Cola, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Nike. In addition to famous brands such as Mike Tyson, Paris Hilton, Aston Kutcher, several other celebrities have also joined the NFT boom.

With the popularity of NFT and the increase in use cases, the fashion industry and adult industry may become the next broad stage for NFT to shine. As a background, the total amount used to invest, purchase, and create NFTs exceeds 14.3 billion US dollars. The current adult entertainment NFT market is valued at approximately US$500 million and hit a record high earlier this year, in the range of US$2 billion. This is a completely untouched market segment, accounting for 3.5% of the entire NFT market.

TABOO is a popular adult NFT + media streaming project, ready to lead the trend and bridge this gap by bringing NFT into a fascinating world. Specially provide highly exclusive content for models, they are not strictly porn stars, and provide other forms of media, such as streaming media, video, VR, 3D animation, etc. TABOO’s goal is to become the dude of blockchain.

TABOO sells fantasy, targeting playboys, fashion and all other types of models. Although in the field of adult entertainment, they did not offer XXX as their flagship and main product. They will provide fashion, culture, class and sex in a variety of wonderful forms.

The adult entertainment industry is as popular and large as any other market, but due to its “taboo” nature, it often loses its luster. TABOO is breaking these shakes and pushing the adult entertainment industry to the forefront NFT market. From the popularity of OnlyFans, we can understand and estimate the popularity and demand of adult entertainment content. However, TABOO is providing the industry with new technological innovation, exclusivity and quality, with unprecedented features and unique business models.

The first exclusive supermodel NFT collection is here

The first exclusive supermodel NFT in history was designed in collaboration with Khloe Terae. Khloe Terae is 3 times the internationally recognized playmate this year, in line with their high-quality brand. TABOO selectively chooses the best for the model and its content.

TABOO is developing the most unique list of content creators you have seen so far. There will be an application process in which any adult performers who wish to enter the platform must first obtain qualifications and be approved by the platform. This selectivity and exclusivity will create a media platform of the highest quality, and soon everyone will understand why TABOO is the best in the industry. In adult entertainment, TABOO is not like other adult tokens. A unique layered system with requirements is needed to access content from Safe-For-Work to high-quality XXX NFT+Media!

Want an NFT with a sexy playboy model in underwear or bikini? Access XXX NFT? Private live performance + R-rated video? VR content? Can NFT be seamlessly transferred from various networks to our market? Or maybe you are a content creator and want to test opportunities to generate passive income rewards? The answer to all these questions is TABOO.

TABOO brings quality, innovation and exclusivity to the NFT market.

TABOO is not just any other NFT market trying to take full advantage of today’s NFT market popularity. It brings significant innovation and exclusivity to the market.This project is in cooperation with Powersoft, the developer and leader of Enjin coin($ENJ) market development, from scratch to develop its proprietary NFT + media market, which is different from many other projects that build agency markets on top of existing agreements.

The NFT market and media platform will be cross-chain, using a layer 2 solution protocol, with the lowest fees and the fastest transaction speed. An asset bridge will be built with version 1 of the market, and ERC721 and ERC1155 compatible NFTs will be introduced into the TABOO ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain, so that everyone who chooses to use Opensea by mistake can join the real money and will lie.

The Marketplace will be built on a cross-chain compatible platform for networks such as Polygon, Harmony and Fantom who are interested in the platform. In addition, it also has a merchandise store where you can buy things you like. A unique forum will also be designed to provide significant incentives and rewards for generating traffic.

The TABOO NFT market will be built on Plasma to ensure cross-chain and interoperability support.

  • Cross-chain
  • Defi protocol
  • Virtual reality compatibility coming soon
  • Fiat is climbing a hill for easy access
  • Exclusive layered system
  • Seamless NFT to NFT transaction
  • Mobile compatibility is an experience for mobile users.
  • Unique market cohesion
  • there are more!

Features that make TABOO the most noteworthy NFT project

This Taboo Platform NFT 721 and NFT 1155 will be supported, as well as standard media such as streaming media, pictures and other media. There will be a personal VR showroom for viewing and displaying TABOO collections.

The project will create a limited number of governance tokens to reward TABOO Stakers. The platform will launch a Syrup Pool style pledge for TABOO tokens to generate their auxiliary tokens for limited governance and platform participation. Some of the main features of TABOO governance tokens are,

  • Provide tips and rewards to content creators for performances, messages, or any other content,
  • Vote for upcoming content creators and decide whether we should bring them to the platform.
  • Participate in activities that do not require TABOO Tokens.

The TABOO platform will be an open advertising platform, planned by the TABOO team. New cryptocurrencies will also have a space to put their names, just like CoinSniper or similar platforms.As an adult industry coin, TABOO will support all coins related to the adult industry, and will provide a farm pool for these coins within the platform, which will generate their governance tokens, as well as collaborative marketing.

To learn more about TABOO, please visit Taboo community

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