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Syria says Israeli warplanes attacked Latakia port

Damascus, Syria (Associated Press)-The Syrian military said Israeli warplanes fired missiles at the port of the coastal city of Latakia earlier on Tuesday, but did not cause any casualties.

Syrian state media quoted an unnamed military official as saying that several missiles hit the container area of ​​the port and some of them were set alight. The official did not provide more details.

This is a rare attack on the port of Latakia, an important facility where most of Syria’s imported products are shipped to this war-torn country.

Syrian National Television reported that five explosions were heard in the port, a fire broke out in the container area, and fire trucks had rushed to the port.

The Israeli military did not comment.

Over the years, Israel has carried out hundreds of strikes against government-controlled targets in Syria, but rarely acknowledges or discusses such actions. Some strikes in the past have targeted the main airport of the capital Damascus.

However, Israel admits that it is targeting militia bases allied with Iran, such as the Lebanese Hezbollah organization that has deployed combatants in Syria. It stated that it attacked a shipment of weapons believed to be destined for the militia.

In the decade-long civil war, Hezbollah fought side by side with the army of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Israel stated that Iran’s presence on its northern border is a red line, justifying its attacks on facilities and weapons in Syria.

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