Swedish Prime Minister resigned a few hours after taking office

Magdalena Andersson’s reign as Sweden’s first female prime minister lasted only 7 hours, because on this extraordinary and dramatic day in Stockholm, the Scandinavian country was plunged into political chaos.

Anderson resigned as prime minister on Wednesday, when her new Green Party partner resigned from the alliance and disintegrated her center-left government, only a few hours after getting enough support from Parliament to assume the position.

After parliament refused to support the government’s spending plan and instead passed a budget drafted by the opposition, the nationalist Swedish Democratic Party and the two mainstream center-right parties, the Green Party left to protest.

Anderson was talking about how “moved” she was to become a leader and inspire girls across Sweden to submit her resignation a few hours later. Anderson said: “This may not be the best image of Swedish politics.”

On a day of dramatic political upsurge, Anderson became the new leader of Sweden for the first time despite losing the vote, because he could not gather a majority of votes to prevent her from taking office.

Then her own budget, drafted when she was a child Minister of Finance, Was rejected by the parliament, which means that she will have to govern with the opposition’s spending plan before the national elections in September next year-although the revised budget may be proposed in the spring.

The opposition budget overturned a number of environmental measures, which led the Green Party to resign from the government. They said they would support Anderson as prime minister in the new vote, but it is unclear how other parties will react.

Anderson stated that she would try to govern with the one-party minority government of her Social Democratic Party, noting that she had enough support to become prime minister earlier in the day.

Sweden has long been a bastion of political stability. For more than a century, the Social Democratic Party has ranked first in every election. However, due to the rapid rise of anti-immigration, Sweden is facing long-term political turmoil. Swedish democratic party.

The nationalist party that entered the parliament for the first time in 2010 broke the traditional system of left-wing and right-wing groups, and a new uneasy constellation has just begun to take shape.

Stefan Lofven, Anderson’s former prime minister and leader of the Social Democratic Party, was forced to resign in June after becoming the first head of the Swedish government to lose in a vote of no confidence. In July, he received enough support in the parliament to resume work, only Announce resignation One month later.

With their joint budget proposal and earlier common immigration policy, the Swedish Democrats, Moderates and Christian Democrats have been paving the way for potential neo-conservative groups before next year’s elections.

Right-wing parties are focused on Crime and immigrationIn a country where a large number of foreign-born residents face shooting incidents and explosions or grenade attacks almost every day, the problem is becoming more and more important.

Anderson now faces the challenge of uniting different parties — from former Communists of the left-wing party to the nominal center-right center party — to support her in a new vote. The speaker said he accepted Anderson’s resignation and will reveal his plan on Thursday afternoon.

Sweden is proud of a country that takes gender equality seriously and has a government that claims to implement a feminist foreign policy. It is the last country in the Nordic countries to receive a female prime minister. It has been 40 years since Norway became the first country.

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