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A government-supported report found that one-third of Australian parliamentarians had experienced sexual harassment.

The Australian Parliament’s high-profile investigation of sexual harassment and bullying found that a “sexist culture” is widespread.

The government-supported report released on Tuesday after seven months of investigation stated that one-third of people currently working in Parliament “have experienced some form of sexual harassment while working there.”

Including 63% of female parliamentarians across the country.

“Aspiring male politicians don’t think about anything. In one case, they picked you up, kissed your lips, lifted you, stroked you, patted your butt, commented on your appearance, you know, usually… …Culture allows this,” said one of the 1,700 interviewees in the report.

The report made 28 recommendations, including official statements of recognition by political leaders, aimed at increasing gender diversity and “active attention to safety and well-being”.

The investigation was launched amid widespread anger among the people Suspected of raping Brittany HigginsAfter going out at night with conservative Liberal colleagues in 2019, a parliament worker was in the minister’s office.

Her allegations are still being heard in court, followed by a series of rape and sexual harassment allegations against politicians and their staff, triggering National demonstration And reform requirements.

Higgins welcomed the report on Tuesday and thanked “many brave people for sharing their stories of contributing to this review.”

“I hope that political parties will not only commit to but fully implement these recommendations,” she said in a statement sent through the Australian National University, where she is now a visiting scholar at the Australian National University.

Green Party Senator Sarah Hanson-Young described the report as a “damn revelation of sexist culture and political harassment.”

“The statistics and comments are shocking, but for many women here, it’s not surprising and fits our own experience,” she said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison tried to defend his government’s efforts to improve gender equality, but accepted a wide range of Dissatisfied with his handling Allegations of abuse of women in politics.

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