surprise!Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel in “Candy”

NEW YORK — Viewers of Thursday’s “Candy” episode starring Jessica Biel may recognize a familiar face: Bell’s husband, Justin Timberlake.

The musician and actor portrays a deputy investigating the murders the show revolves around.

Biel, a co-executive producer on the project, said Timberlake first approached her production partner Michelle Purple and wanted to be involved.

“They kind of had this whole plan. At first I didn’t even know. Then I thought he was joking. Then he said, ‘No, really, I want to do this. “Then the game started. He was trying on a wig, which was so much fun, it was a surprise.”

Beal admitted to worrying at first about whether their dynamic would “transform at work,” but that quickly faded.

“I actually feel totally at peace when he’s around. Like, I know he’s going to provide me that kind of safe space to work the way I need to, and be unbiased and open and free. He gives He gave me the freedom to improvise, and he was good at it, but I didn’t quite get used to it.”

In “Candy,” Bill plays Candy Montgomery, a young, outgoing, church-going Texas wife and mother who voraciously reads romance novels. She seems to have it all – but it’s boring – so she starts an affair with a man in her town (played by Pablo Schreiber) and ends up killing his wife Betty with an axe. Montgomery pleaded not guilty to the crime, the jury sided with her, and some even said they never liked Betty.

The story is based on a real case in 1980 and is currently gaining traction in Hollywood. Elizabeth Olsen recently filmed a limited series of her own, titled “Love and Death,” in which she played Candy.

Melanie Lynskey, who plays Betty, hopes the story will elicit sympathy for the victims and people will see the trial as a popularity contest.

“As someone who’s had a hard time adjusting to my life since I was a kid, how unfair it is that I’ve really, really responded to that,” she said.

Timberlake isn’t the only unexpected actor on the show: Lynskey’s husband, Jason Ritter, plays Timberlake’s sidekick. One memorable moment was when the pair recreated the crime during the investigation.

Bill credits “Candy” co-creator and showrunner Robin Weis for “getting Jason to think like that and making these two partners in crime. It tickles us,” Bill said.

Bill garnered a lot of attention in the collection wearing a wig with short brown curly hair. She joked that it was similar to the hairstyle her husband had with his boy band NSYNC in the late ’90s.

“He definitely has that hairstyle,” Bill said. I always ask, “Grow those beautiful curls back please. I love that curl. I know. So weird. We were all laughing.”

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