Sunisa Lee wins gold in the women’s gymnastics final

Tokyo (Associated Press)-As usual, an American takes the podium in the women’s Olympic gymnastics all-around competition.

Sunisa plum Became the fifth consecutive American woman to win the Olympic Games on Thursday, Rebecca Andrade Brazil defends its title in an interesting and intense final Simone Byers Watch from the stands.

plumThe total score is 57.433, which is just the top Andrade, He won the first gymnastics all-around medal for a Latin American athlete, but in she Crossing the boundary twice during the period she Floor convention. Russian gymnast Angelina Melnikova won the bronze medal two days after leading the Republic of China to the gold medal in the team final.

plum The American won a silver medal in that game bile When exiting after a turn she Decide she Not mentally prepared to participate in the competition.

bile Also opted out of the all-around finals, which resulted in the gymnast being considered the greatest athlete of all time, watching the biggest in five years with teammates Grace McCallum, Jordan Chilis and MyKayla Skinner in the stands. competition.

This 24 year old bile‘The absence created an opportunity. When they landed in Tokyo earlier this month, the 24 women speaking at the Ariake Gymnastics Center might think it was impossible: legal shooting on the podium. bile Since 2013, except for the 2017 World Championships, participated in all major international competitions she After takeoff she The victory in Rio de Janeiro five years ago.

However if plum, Andrade The rest of the contestants were very nervous and hardly showed it. AndradeThe almost perfect Zheng vault gave her an early lead, but plum used she The spectacular setting of uneven bars-currently the most difficult item in the game-to get closer.

plum, An 18-year-old Hmong American from Minnesota, visceral she By way of nerve bundle program. she Almost falling when performing a wolf turn-basically a seated rotation-basically requires a suction cup she Step your toes on a 4-inch thick plank to keep it still. she Score 13.833 she In front of Andrade Enter floor exercise.

Firstly, plum A routine of three tumbling passes was chosen instead of four, hoping that better execution will cover any potential one-tenth she I gave up without doing it the fourth time. Her 13.700 Is stable, but it is Andrade.

The 21-year-old Brazilian took out the torn ACL for two years in the third operation she Knee, during the qualifying period, the contestant’s best field score was obtained.However she Feet out of bounds at the bottom she Rolling for the first time.and she The right foot stepped out of the white mat and stepped on the surrounding blue carpet.

It takes 13.802 to win, she It was replaced by 13.666, which expanded the U.S. dominance in one of the major Olympic events. Since Carly Patterson won the 2004 Athens Olympics, the Americans have won every Olympic final.

bile Very much in favor of extending this winning streak before opting out. plum, Who dealt with such a painful ankle injury she I sometimes limped and stepped into the void during the U.S. Championship last month. she Actually defeated bile On the second night of the Olympic trials at the end of June.

A month later, she As one of the new faces of an increasingly diverse sport in the United States, she found herself on the podium she Is the third consecutive woman of color to win an Olympic gold medal for an American, joining bile In 2016 and Gaby Douglas in 2012.

Jed Carey, replace bile In the finals for the US team, won the ninth place.

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