Sundance Film Festival cancels face-to-face events

“We have been looking forward to our first fully mixed Sundance Film Festival, and our team spent a year planning a film festival with a difference. But despite the most ambitious agreement, the Omicron variant has Unexpectedly high transmission rates are pushing the limits of health to safety, travel and other infrastructure across the country. Therefore, today we announced: This year, the live elements of the Utah Film Festival will be transferred to the Internet,” the organizers announced on Wednesday.

The annual event is the largest independent film festival in the United States. It is scheduled to take place from Thursday, January 20 to Sunday, January 30. Due to the pandemic, last year’s film festival was held entirely online.

“Although it is a deep loss not to experience it in Utah, we believe that it is not safe to gather thousands of artists, audiences, employees, volunteers and partners from all over the world to participate in the 11th conference. Not feasible. During the festival, overwhelmed communities are already working hard to provide basic services,” the festival added in its statement.

The film festival is a project of the non-profit organization Sundance College, which aims to promote the work of independent storytellers in the field of film and theater. “Would you like to be my neighbor”, “Fruitville Station” and “Miss Sunshine” are just some of the films that have been exposed for the first time at the film festival in recent years and have achieved widespread success.

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