SundaeSwap launches on Cardano, but users report failed transactions

Cardano’s first decentralized application (DApp), SundaeSwap, has launched, but users are frustrated by congestion, platform bugs, and failed transactions.

Is this just the initial hassle expected from the influx of excited users, or is there more?

SundaeSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) and token staking platform. Its mainnet launch today marks a milestone for Cardano (have) ecosystem, becoming the first DApp to utilize its smart contracts.

Ahead of the launch of SundaeSwap, the ADA price had risen by 50% in the past week, which means that a successful launch is a high-stakes game for Cardano.

Trading on the DEX began on January 20 at 9:45pm UTC. Users on the project’s Discord server began complaining about failed transactions and network congestion within two minutes.

By 10:07 PM UTC, SundaeSwap CEO Mateen Motavaf posted a message in bold and all caps in an attempt to address the flood of complaints in the server:

“If your order is on-chain, it will be processed. Order failed due to congestion, please be patient”.

The SundaeSwap team hosts a Twitter space but At around 1AM UTC, further resolve any issues traders have with the platform. One user asked about the expected effects of the upcoming Cardano node upgrade, given the massive order backlog or “scoop” known as the swap on SundaeSwap. CTO Matt Ho replied:

“Once the 25th changes, we expect the throughput of the memory bump itself to increase by more than 2x, strictly speaking, as additional protocol parameters become available.”

Another user noticed that orders on the DEX were completed before they were launched on the website. Tech-savvy traders can bypass the website UI and execute trades directly on the underlying smart contracts of any DEX.

Ho replied: “There are so many things to deal with that we might not believe, naively, that someone would manually construct transactions ahead of time.”

By 2:40 a.m. UTC, users were still complaining about failed transactions and more than four-hour waits for orders. CIO Pi Lanningham responded on Discord: “Orders will continue to be processed (currently ~2500 orders per hour; ~11,000 orders currently on-chain, of which ~1600 are within slippage tolerance).”

The SundaeSwap team has yet to respond to Cointelegraph’s request for further comment.

Based on the performance of the testnet about a month ago, the project core team expects a large order backlog before going live.on January 8 blog In the post, the team wrote:

“We would like to inform everyone that while orders may take a few days to process, everyone’s orders will be processed fairly in the order in which they were received.”

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Using the performance of the SundaeSwap platform from the previous test phase, the team initially acknowledged the possibility of poor performance, but said “we are very confident that the protocol can handle normal day-to-day loads once things settle down.”

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