Straka leads the Olympic golf on the low score day, surprises continue

Kawagoe, Japan (AP)-Hoshino Luya did not tee off for his first tee on Thursday.

The stands behind him are usually empty, like many other venues in the Olympic Games without spectators, crowded with volunteers wearing Tokyo2020 shirts who want to see the 25-year-old. Japan Fortunately, he hit the first shot of the Olympic Games postponed due to the epidemic.

The other two players in the first group with him, Sepp Straka of Austria and Thomas Peters of Belgium received the ball from there.

Straka chose a good day, dialing in his iron in soft and still conditions. He caught four birdies in the last six holes, shot 63, 8 under par, and tied the Olympic record-considering the history of golf did not return only in 2016-ahead of Thailand’s Jazz Janewattananond One shot.

Peters, who won a bronze medal in Rio de Janeiro five years ago, fell ill on Wednesday and only saw the top nine at Xiaguan Country Club in the practice round. He shot 30 and 65 on the back nine holes.

“I didn’t expect this to happen today,” Peters said. “I also felt bad when I woke up this morning, so maybe it’s just because I didn’t think about bad shots or where I didn’t hit the ball. My caddie told me, “Hit there” and I did it. I keep simple.”

Mexico’s Carlos Ortiz (Carlos Ortiz) also reached 65 points on the court in ideal scoring conditions, so primitive that the players first arrived without turf because it has been closed for two months.

After driving to work in Hoshino, the volunteers have emptied the stands-most of them are stationed to help find the wrong shots-when the biggest attraction is Japan Arrived.

Masters champion Hideki Matsuyama still has reason to believe that everyone is watching.

“If I said there was no pressure, I was lying,” Matsuyama said after shooting 69. This was not the best start of the round. The score was so low that only 13 players in the 60-man tournament exceeded par. .

“I hope I can bear the pressure and try my best to host a wonderful game here.”

Matsuyama had the largest crowd, with about 80 people present, most of which were Japanese media. He hit 4 under par on 8 holes, but bogeyed on both bad kicks and never caught another birdie.

This fight is more related to the coronavirus than any external expectations. In the last five weeks after testing positive for COVID-19, Matsuyama participated in a round of competition. One of his biggest concerns is rust and air conditioning.

“Maybe towards the end, my mental side and concentration gradually disappeared,” he said. “So this is what I need to organize for the rest of the week.”

Straka has failed to qualify in six of the past seven games, which is not the only surprise. Juvic Pagunsan from the Philippines is one of 66 people.

Pagunsan won a small amount of fame after winning the Mizuno Open. Japan Carry 11 clubs with you, 3 fewer than allowed. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, caddies are only allowed to follow the players in the cart. Pagunsan found this troublesome, so he lightened his bag and walked by himself.

This victory earned him a seat at the British Open, and then he withdrew from the competition in order to focus on the Olympics. After the rain further softened the golf course, he caught three birdies on the last nine holes.

Patrick Reed and Xander Schauffele are both 68 years old, which is a remarkable feat for Reed.

When Bryson DeChambeau tested positive for COVID-19, he was the last-minute substitute, and Reid did not arrive on the court until Wednesday afternoon due to his testing requirements. This leaves enough time to ride the car to see the last four holes.

“Adrenaline made me start early today, but in fact my body is much better than I expected,” Reid said. “The swing is actually there all day. There are a few errors there, I don’t know where to hit. But other than that, it’s not too bad.”

His biggest problem is that the delay caused by thunderstorms is only more than two hours. They are just in time when most newcomers from his US time zone want to take a nap.

He said: “I felt it during the delay of the rain.”

British Open champions Colin Senchuan and Rory McIlroy each shot 69. On such a low scoring day, this is only a good result to tie for 20th. Justin Thomas won’t mind. He shot 18 in his Olympic debut and missed more birdie opportunities than he wanted to remember.

Thomas said: “I really want to have an old useless club that I can break my knees now.”

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