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Will you receive random video calls from strangers on the Google Duo app? Well, this is one of the disadvantages of sharing your phone number in a Google account.So when people can access your phone number, they can contact you through Duo, just like everyone else Video call application, They can make a video call with you on your phone at any time. If you are annoyed by this, you can stop it once and for all. Read here to learn how to stop receiving random video calls on Google Duo.

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Stop answering random video calls on Google Duo

There are many ways you can prevent people from making video calls with you on Google Duo, and we will explain them one by one. So, read to the end, because there is a bonus reminder.

1. Block calls from a certain number

If you are being followed by a specific number, you can get rid of that number by preventing him/her from calling Google Duo.

Here’s how to block someone in the Google Duo app:

1. Open the Google Duo app on your phone.

2. Scroll up and when you see your contact, tap the number or contact you want to block.

3. In the contact options menu, click “Block User”.

4. If applicable, check the “Report as spam” box.

5. Otherwise, just click “Block”.

That’s it. You can also block or report abuse and block without checking “Report as Spam” or selecting the type of abuse.

2. Stop sharing your phone number

This may be the best way to stop people from calling you on Google Duo. When people know your number, they can directly identify you on Duo and call you. Well, you can stop sharing your number from the settings of your Google account. That’s it:

1. On your phone or PC, open a browser and visit

2. Now, log in with your Google account details and click “View Suggestions” under the available privacy suggestions section.

3. Now, scroll down until you see “Help others contact you” and click on it.

4. After that, you will see your phone number, and under this, there will be an option called “Better Share on Google”, and you must uncheck the box.

That’s it. Now, people who know your phone number will not be able to make calls on Google Duo. In addition, if you don’t want people to identify you through your phone number, you can also uncheck the box before “Help others identify you through this number”.

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You can also delete your phone number from Google to stop such calls, but you won’t be able to use other services, such as when you need a code to log in.

Bonus tip: Prevent people from seeing your video before answering the call

Google Duo also has a feature that allows users to see the caller’s video even when they have not answered the call. Therefore, if you don’t want anyone to see your video, you can easily stop this operation when you are not answering the call.

Google Duo has a feature called “Knock Knock”. When you disable this feature, it will not show you or other people’s video screens before the call begins. Here is how to turn off this feature:

1. Open the Google Duo app on your phone, and then tap the three dots in the upper right corner.

2. Now, select settings and click “Call Settings”.

3. Here, at the top, you will see “Knock on this device”, click on it.

4. At the bottom of the next page, turn off the switch next to “Knock on this device.”

That’s it! Now, no one can see your video before the call starts, and you can’t see other people’s videos.

notes: The knocking function is only valid for your contacts, not for strangers.

This is how you can stop receiving random video calls via Google Duo on your phone, and you can also turn off the video before answering the call. For more such technical tips, please stay tuned!

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