Stephens breaks U.S. women’s parade water polo record

Tokyo (Associated Press)—— Maggie Stephens Finally alone, may be the best record in women’s singles water polo, and she Not interested in this view.

A moment later Stevens Rising to the top of the Olympic career scoring list, Captain America pays tribute she Family, teammates-then and now-and the women who paved the way for the sport to join the Olympics in 2000.

it is Stevens‘The name on the record book-right next to the 49 goals, and it’s constantly increasing-but she Decided to get as many people as possible to join she On that top line.

“Although it is absolutely cool and I admire it a lot, it can’t be done without teammates,” she Say. “You can’t have it without a pass. You can’t have it if you can’t participate in this sport with the women you train and dream of with.”

Stevens In the third quarter of Friday’s 18-5 defeat of the Russian team, they broke the all-Stanford connection record and helped the United States rebound from a rare loss to Hungary. Makenzie Fischer found a big opening Stevens In the middle, ROC goalkeeper Yevgeniya Golovina never had a chance.

it is Stevens’48th goal she In the third Olympic Games, it was tied for the top spot with Italy’s Tania Di Mario. After a broken nose in the game against China on Monday, she scored four goals in five shots. The US team ended the group stage with a 3-1 record.

“I think the more amazing thing is Inferior coal, And as I said before, this is not the goal she Score and how much, this is efficiency she I did it,” American coach Adam Krikorian said. “This is the mark of a great player. “

This 28 year old Stevens, The youngest of the four siblings of the California family water polo, Achieved a breakthrough performance in the London Olympics and helped the United States win the first Olympic champion with 21 goals. she In another gold medal match in Rio de Janeiro, another 17 gold medals were won.

although Stevens Try to avoid talking about yourself afterwards she Record-breaking goal, she Teammates have no such problems.

she‘A very strong worker, offensive and defensive,’ said Stephania Halabydis, who also scored four goals in this victory. “She will never give up. She will continue to advance, and if she is not a scorer, she will create scoring opportunities for teammates. So she is such a player. She is too selfless. “

Stevens‘This day and the convincing victory of the U.S. occurred after the country lost the women’s game for the first time water polo Since the 2008 Olympics, Wednesday’s game against Hungary has been unexpectedly 10-9.

According to Krikorian, this rare defeat-the US team lost the game 131-4 after winning the gold medal in Rio-this triggered some introspection and the way they wanted to play. Promise of. In Ashley Johnson’s 16 saves, the changes on the defensive end were particularly noticeable.

“This is a very competitive team, and they don’t like failure,” Krikorian said. “This is part of the reason for our continued success. They are just proud of the way they play. I think from frustration to anger to sadness to relief, I think we have felt all these emotions in the past two days.”

Before the United States jumped into the pool, the Netherlands beat South Africa 33-1, leading 2-1 in the group stage. The Dutchman set an Olympic record for the most goals and the biggest difference in the game.

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