Stephen Strasbourg undergoes surgery to end the season

Stephen Strasbourg will undergo neurogenic thoracic outlet surgery in Dallas on Wednesday, Washington Nationals manager Dave Martinez Said Tuesday, ending the right-handed season. Martinez Say he I hope Strasbourg is ready for the spring training in 2022, but he Don’t know the exact timetable for recovery.

Strasbourg has been on the injured list since June 2 he Fight with nerve stimulation his neck. Strasbourg visited Dr. Gregory Pearl on Monday, an expert on thoracic outlet syndrome, who also performed surgery on Will Harris, a national rescuer, earlier this year. That night, Strasbourg decided that surgery was the best course of action and ended his 2021 season.

“Stephen has been trying hard to come back, unfortunately, this is a step we must take now,” Martinez Say. “But hope we can solve this problem heWill be ready to come back next year to help us. I know he is frustrated, just like all of us, but sometimes things are not as you wish and we have to move on. Hope this will help us move forward. At least for now, hope we know what happened, he recovered and we let him come back. “

This is another setback for Strasbourg, who has been plagued by injuries throughout his career. Since he helped Washington win the World Series in 2019-signing a seven-year, $245 million contract-Strasbourg has made seven starts.

Due to carpal tunnel surgery, his 2020 campaign was shortened after five innings. He made 5 starts and 21 2/3 innings in 2021, and there are two different stages on the injury list. Between April and May, his strained right shoulder made him unable to extricate himself. Martinez Said they did not know whether neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome was the cause of shoulder pain.

When Strasbourg tried to recover from nerve stimulation his In the neck that appeared at the beginning of June 1, the Nationals often had to downsize his Workload.When will discomfort appear he A mound was dropped.

“We all see he There, long toss at 200 feet high, he Threw some very good bullpens, we think he Is progressing,” Martinez Say. “Then he came back the next day and he was in pain. We couldn’t figure it out, they would fix it, and he would go back. Once again, he was back on the mound, and he would feel sore again.”

For a while, Washington did not know what was wrong with Strasbourg, prompting Dr. Pearl to go to Monday. According to the Mayo Clinic, when the blood vessels or nerves between the collarbone and the first rib are compressed, it can cause thoracic outlet syndrome, which can cause shoulder and neck pain and numbness of the fingers.

Martinez Say he Often every effort is made to avoid surgery. But with the recent injuries in Strasbourg, there does not seem to be an effective option. Nor can it be guaranteed that recovery in Strasbourg is a routine matter; Martinez Said the upcoming rehabilitation treatment in Strasbourg “progress slowly.”

Strasbourg won the World Series MVP honor in 2019, but he Since then, it has played a limited role in the national team. His contract ends in the 2026 MartinezView Strasbourg as the core of the organization and believe that right-handers can still provide Washington with a lot in the next few years.

“for he With all these problems, the frustrating thing is he, It makes us very frustrated,” Martinez Say. “One thing I thought of last night was really thinking he, what hePassing.Try to keep a positive attitude heAnd encourage he Keep going and try to prepare for spring training.Because he There are still many years left here, and a healthy Strasbourg can help us win many games. “

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