Stephen Curry still has to watch TV, the camera is nearby at all times

The footage has been replayed millions of times on video and social platforms. Considering it’s in the stands before the game, it obviously doesn’t even count.

This is temptation Stephen Curry.

when he To do something, everyone is listening.

For people who haven’t seen it he Made it on Saturday night, right here.This is a tradition he Continue from Golden State Warriors‘Previous home, Oracle Arena, and brought to the Chase Center.In Oracle, this is a shot from the end of the tunnel his Shooting session before the game. In Chase, it came from different places, the most recent one was in the corner of the stands.A security guard opened fire he A ball and Curry let it fly.


“He has range,” San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich said.

Curry has everything. Range, competition, ring, charm, skills, shiny resume, great organization, great arena, great fan base, and again, a great team. He is funny.He is one of the best interviews NBAHe caught a birdie in the Augusta national team. He participated in the Ryder Cup as a fan and actually thought no one would notice.

By the end of the season, he will be 34 years old, averaging less than 28 points per game, and playing as if he is likely to win the championship. NBAThis season’s MVP award.this Golden State WarriorsWith phoenix NBA-The best result after beating the Orlando Magic on Monday night, 20-4. Their performance is as good as any team in the league. They are legitimate champion contenders. And a few days later, curry Will surpass Ray Allen to become a career leader in three-point shooting.

curry After scoring another 7 points in Monday’s victory over the Magic, there are now 2,958 points. Allen retired with 2,973.Fans in Philadelphia on Saturday or Indiana on Monday may see a treat-some history, when curry Become the king of thirds.

Some disputes can never be resolved. Wilt Chamberlain or Bill Russell, LeBron James or Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson or Pat Riley, Celtic Dynasty or Bull Dynasty.

However, the best shooter argument is really not controversial.

it is curry. Case closed. Dunk was once the coolest thing in basketball. It is now 3 points, and Curry is the reason.

“There is never a portrait he,” Warriors Coach Steve Kerr said.

if NBA There is an indicator of favorability, curry Will also be the leader there. He is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 198 pounds instead of 6 feet 10 inches and 275 pounds.Although heIn recent years, some obvious muscles have grown, he There is still an atmosphere of ordinary people he. he Play in the way most people on the playground think: excellent ball control, excellent shooting, except heHe is actually an excellent ball handler and an excellent shooter, and the guy on the playground occasionally makes three pointers and pretends.

“I think he For some reason, it was still noticed at the beginning,” Popovich said. “He is a little bit small. At that time, he was not that strong yet. He always looks like 17 or 18 years old. You didn’t look at him and say,’Hey, he would do it. But over time, you realize that he is one of the greatest shooters you have ever seen, and it is obvious that he will get all record-setting things. “

Popovich was right. Almost all existing three-point records are owned by Curry, or will soon become.

No one makes more three-pointers for a team, a season, or a playoff game. He made 30 three-pointers against Minnesota in the 2018-19 season, which was the most three-pointers made against an opponent in a season. He created 163 games against the Clippers, which is the highest record against opponents. Including the playoffs, he has surpassed Allen for the most three-pointers in history. The only record he didn’t get was the most three-pointers in a game; his best score was 13 times, and the record was 14 times, set by Klay Thompson.

“He is one of the greatest players in the history of the game,” Cole said. “And he is the greatest three-point shooter of all time.”

This is what you should be afraid of NBA The core of the team Warriors team. Curry is as good as ever, the team is rolling, and Thompson is still a few weeks away from finally returning to the court. A good team will get better.with curry It will be better when it happens, because defenders know they can’t leave Thompson alone.

“I just like where we are now,” curry Said. “We have a good resonance for what we are doing. There is a good energy. We have recovered from severe losses. We are now dealing with our business.”

This is a cliché, ordinary fans don’t start watching NBA Until Christmas, this makes sense. In other words, there have been some fascinating stories involving big names this season. Kevin Durant once again won the Olympic gold medal, making Brooklyn’s scoring easy.Phoenix, who reached the finals last season, just won 18 consecutive games. WarriorsThe defending champion Milwaukee Bucks, when their entire lineup is together, look capable of winning again.

but curry TV that must be watched at all times, even if heJust shoot from the stands before the game.

and Warriors It might be worth watching till the end.

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