State puts case on hold in Jussie Smollett trial

Chicago — The state puts its case on hold Jussie SmollettThursday’s trial came after key testimony from the two brothers, who said the former “imperial” actor planned a racist and anti-gay attack on himself in the city center Chicago And pay them to execute.

After providing evidence for three days, Special Counsel Dan Weber told the trial judge Thursday night that the prosecution had ended. The defense immediately started the lawsuit and called Brandon Moore, Smollett’s music manager at the time.

Earlier in the day, SmollettLawyers tried to discredit the brothers’ accounts, implying that they had attacked Smollett Because they don’t like heAnd tried to get he To pay each of them $1 million to not testify he An attack was launched.

Defense attorney Xie Allen said that the brothers had a motivated accusation Smollett Staged pranks because they didn’t like the performers-gays and blacks-and then saw an opportunity to make money.

Orabingo Oda Lang‘S testimony echoes the account his brother, Abinbola Osundaro, Provided on the witness stand the day before, including Smollett Want brothers to water he Use gasoline and lasso his Neck, that Smollett They were given a $100 bill to purchase these supplies, and they were paid with a check of $3,500.

Orabingo Oda Lang Said Smollett Tell He He Receive a hate mail in the TV studio Chicago “with he There are two crazy ideas attacked by MAGA supporters he“Obviously refers to the slogan of then President Donald Trump “Make America great again.” Oda Lang Believing that the plan was to promote the attack on social media, not to involve the police, he Said.

They chose to pour bleach on Smollett, Oda Lang Say because he It is uncomfortable to use gasoline. he Said Smollett wanted his Brother do stamping, it should look like he Fight back.

Osundairo also resolved the defense’s argument that the brothers were driven by homophobia. he Testify he There is no opposition to homosexuality, the jury saw photos of brothers and sisters in attendance ChicagoDressed as a Trojan warrior in the 2015 Gay Pride Parade.

Smollett39 years old, charged with six felony counts of disrupting the January 29, 2019 assault, making what the prosecutor said was a false police report-one at a time he Reports were given to three different officials. A four-degree felony can be sentenced to up to three years in prison, but experts say that if Smollett is convicted he May be suspended and ordered to perform community service.

Orabingo Oda Lang Also denies the involvement of white people, or he with his The older brother even wore masks or makeup to make them look white. In the statement that was widely ridiculed because the brother was black, Smollett Once said he See pale or white skin around one of the eyes his Masked attacker.

During cross-examination, Allen asked Abinbola Osundaro, Who acts as a stand-in Chicago A set of “empires” if he Trying to get a job of $5,000 a week as a security for Smollett, if afterwards he Released after being questioned by the police he Tell Smollett with his Brother won’t testify his If they each get paid $1 million. Osundairo answered “No, sir” to both.

In Weber’s follow-up question, Oda Lang Said he did not expect Smollett Will go to the police station to report that a false attack is a real hate crime. he Said Smollett Tell he That he I want to use it to attract media attention, and then he Never lied to the Chicago police.

Orabingo Oda Lang Tell the juror he Talk to the police without promises of exemptions or any preferential deals. he Added: “This is just to find out the truth from what happened that night.”

SmollettThe legal team needs to challenge the brother’s destructive testimony, but it is not easy. Abinbola Osundaro insist his The story during cross-examination, but also denies he Had sex Smollett Or that he Require actors to hire heMost of what Osundairos told the jurors that night seemed to be corroborated by video and other evidence.

Smollett’S legal team asked Olabingo Osundairo about previous felony convictions, which he The testimony was in 2012, for aggravating the battery.As a convicted felon he Firearms cannot be legally owned, but the police found several guns when they searched their home after the alleged attack.Both brothers said these guns belonged to Abinbola Oda Lang.

The defense said the brothers lied Smollett Launch an attack to get rid of the trouble of owning the same guns and heroin found in the home.

Abinbola OsundaroAn aspiring actor said he with his The brothers agree with their role in the fake attack because he Feel owed Smollett To help he with his Acting career.


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