‘Stardew Valley’ has sold over 20 million copies

Six years after its initial release, Over 20 million copies have been sold.Creator Eric Barone shared news of the achievement in an update released to the game and interviewed “The 20 million milestone is really remarkable,” he told the outlet.

But even more impressive stardew valley sales volume. It took four years for the game to sell its first 10 million copies. It has sold 5 million units since September 2021. “Average daily sales in Stardew Valley today are higher than ever,” Barone said. “I’m not quite sure why this happened. I hope the game continues to spread by word of mouth, and the more people who play it, the more people share it with their friends.”

Barone told computer gamer He plans to keep trying stardew valley But now the main focus is on , a new action role-playing game he announced last fall. “Ultimately I have to follow my heart or the quality of the content suffers,” Barone said.

Selling 20 million copies is a remarkable feat for any game, let alone one developed by one person.Barone begins research stardew valley After earning a degree in Computer Science from the University of Washington Tacoma. After the 2008 financial crisis, he found himself unable to find a position in his field, so he started developing games to hone his craft.He then spent the next four years working on the project before finally releasing it stardew valley in early 2016. Bloomberg Journalist Jason Schreier chronicles the entire saga in his excellent 2017 book .

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