Starbucks baristas speak out against menu hacking

“Have a pumpkin spice latte,” said one Starbucks TikTok employees video This went viral in early September of this year. He posted under the handle @the_hip_barista_ explaining that baristas know when you’re trying to play with the system – they don’t appreciate the conditions it creates for them to try.

He’s responding to another viral video in which one user details a bargain tip for a standard $6.45 pumpkin spice latte for $2.45: simply order as if you’re part of the intricacies Ocean 11 The plot line is to ask for an iced espresso with custom options like a little heavy cream and 2% milk.

But @the_hip_barista_ objected to this strategy, explaining that these “hacks” would create undue stress and extra work for employees. “Stop hacking,” he said. “Stop letting minimum wage workers do circles for you.”

When the order label looks like a CVS receipt, it’s obvious what customers want, he said — and the amount of errands involved in complex orders has resulted in a lose-lose situation for Starbucks employees.

As he explained, the milk splash is about 4 ounces maximum, which is lower than typical PSL requirements. Workers filled the cups with milk to keep customers happy, but this angered management, who saw it as a waste of product. But if they don’t let the milk splash, customers complain that their bespoke drinks aren’t the latte they want, prompting managers to ask employees to heed the company’s internal slogan and “take your time.”

Just reading the whole thing is enough to cause a stress headache, not to mention the employees @the_hip_barista_ said had to deal with alternate lines and management talks.

Starbucks employees are fed up with their working conditions

This lifestyle and consumer hacking has been all the rage on TikTok lately.Perhaps born out of rising costs commodity, people now seem more inclined than ever to cut corners.have a look Six Flags Unlimited Dining Plan, which also became exploited and untenable once TikTok users shared that they were saving money by eating every meal at the park. Hackers clogged lines and lost company funds.

As @the_hip_barista_ pointed out, such discounts come at the expense of workers, who often don’t earn enough to deal with the anxiety of it all. “‘Hacker’ is [to] Force minimum wage workers to give them stuff for free,” he wrote in the comments section.

In fact, Starbucks employees have been fighting for better working conditions for some time now as they work more and more Stress during the pandemic. in striving Union recognitionsome workers created a popular TikTok account called Starbucks Workers Union. Exceed 200 stores unionized, although The company’s continued boycott.

They are part of many service and retail workers from Rui, Amazonand chili sauce, who has started pushing for unions. After the pandemic, as white-collar workers work from home and service workers continue to work on the front lines, poor working conditions have become more apparent.Lack of livable wages, dealing with hostile clients, and significantly different working conditions lead to labor shortage As workers quit, in restaurants and hotels.

Already dissatisfied with their work environment, Starbucks employees feel that their plates are enough without adding a custom-made latte to their day.

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