Star Wars: The Legend of the Jedi Movie Description: Ahsoka, Dooku

A group of Togruta from Star Wars: Legend of the Jedi, including the baby version of Ahsoka Tano.

picture: Lucasfilm

Jedi legendof mysterious arrival star wars The festivities have fans speculating about what the animated series will be.Now, as a producer Dave Filoni Revealed at the conference, we knew it was a far cry from expectations.OneHowever, there is still a bit of a surprise.

revealed during star wars Celebrate Anaheim, story Will be a six-part animated short series developed by Filoni and Lucasfilm Animation, in part with clone wars Scribe Charles Murray.The series is only six episodes long, divided into two, three anthology: one follows Ahsoka Tano Throughout the stages of her life, from birth to her exploits after the rise of the empire, and perhaps further afield, another depicts a young Count Dookuowner of Apprentice Qui-Gon King (played by returning Liam Neeson and Neeson’s son), before he quits the Jedi Order and falls into the dark side.

In a trailer released to fans at the celebration, footage of the series includes a glimpseRevenge of the Sith The Milky Way, including a glimpse of Padmé Amidala’s funeral in Naboo, and a grim-looking Bell Organa. An in-camera sequence of the two halves of Dooku and Ahsoka in the show: A young Dooku ignites his blue lightsaber, stands in front of the ancient tree in the center of the Jedi Temple, and cuts into tension among the villagers as he intervenes Standoffs and armed guards (wearing giant cone-shaped helmets) are on a grey planet with buildings reminiscent of towns that were bombed in the First and Second World Wars.We also got to see Dooku and Mace Windu – looking very similar to his clone wars As the droids in the Autumn Forest fight themselves, Dooku becomes increasingly aggressive, threatening the droids’ human leader before Mace intervenes and stops him.This isn’t the only aggression from future Darth TyronSo do we: we also see young Qui-Gon Jinn lit his lightsaber with his master, pushed away by Dooku and into a building in the same village seen earlier.

Meanwhile, in Ahsoka’s footage, we get a glimpse of the future apprentice as a baby, as an elder in the village of Togruta proclaims “Jedi.” Ahsoka is a Jedi.” us Look The moment a baby Ahsoka is tied in front of her mother (the character confirmed by Star Wars: Battlefront IIJanina Gavankar in the group) chest in the forest, blaster gun in her mother’s hands.We also see an older Ahsoka, this time a younger girl, who trains against the teledroids in her lightsaber practice, culminating in the clone troopers firing stun grenades, Anakin (returning Matt Lanter) and other Jedi Knights and clones watching in the background. Anakin repeatedly says “One more time!” as Ahsoka lets the camera slide past and knocks her out on the floor.

“I’m tired of fighting,” Ahsoka tells her host, and we cut to footage of a traditional Jedi funeral, attended by various Jedi – including a glimpse of Yadell, although it’s hard to say if this footage of Yadell is from another A scene. A more interesting shot in the trailer ends with Ahsoka wearing slacks similar to her penultimate episode clone wars Season 7, standing in a village engulfed in flames – a seemingly wounded man, and behind them, an Imperial Inquisitor, their red double-bladed weapons ablaze.

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi will stream on Disney+ this Fall.

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