Star Wars Jedi successfully avoids prequel issues

Cal Kestis and BD-1 in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor trailer.

Interesting past few years star wars as IP. While theatrical movies (for the most part) make a lot of money, and the franchise has seen a recent surge in TV and books, its gaming presence is a bit of a mess. Both DICE and EA focus on multiplayer Star Wars Battlefront The title has gained a solid fan base and is selling well, but Frontline Two 2017 especially plagued by negative news Loot Boxes and Gambling Addictionand Lego Star Wars Games just exist. if’The ’90s and early 2000s were home to some great games in the series, and the mid-to-late 2010s left a lot to be desired.

All of this is to say that no one expects Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Take off in 2019 style. Apex Legends/Titanfall Developer Respawn, which initially looked like a decent character action game from Beloved soul game and starring the average looking Cal Kestis.But the game was a major commercial success, lauded as an old-fashioned, no-frills single-player gameWell put together, and a great exploration of the Jedi traumatized by Order 66. Fallen order So massive, not just the upcoming sequel in 2023 jedi survivor Guaranteed, it gives EA a chance working as star wars again back Frontline Two Almost ruined it all.

among fallen order Most importantly, what makes its story so great is how isolated it is, even if it only started to recover years later Revenge of the SithThere are familiar planets – Dathomir and Dagobah – as well as big cosmic cameos in the form of Saw Guerra and Darth Vader’s eternal fan bait. Vader, in particular, feels like the most compelling cameo.No problem considering Vader’s cuts Jedi that survived the Great Purgeand how he freely kills those Tangent correlation In his old life, Carl survived a brief encounter with the Sith, which seems to paint the young Jedi as a possibly grim corner of the narrative.

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Still, it was probably the best move of that game, Fallen order ended About Cal destroying the Holocron containing Force info –Sensitive children of the galaxy.Seeing that trying to create a new Jedi Order could ruin those kids and himself, he believed things will finally work on its own go out. This gave him and his friends on the Stinger Mantis the opportunity to exist in this universe without a clear purpose.In turn, it gives Respawn a relatively blank canvas These characters can be dealt with in specific time periods when things are happening, just no real galactic shaking.For a franchise that prides itself on addressing the inevitable future of many characters that exists between major films – from ghost all staffto Ahsoka Tano and Darth Mauleven Obi-Wan Kenobias of last weekend — that sense of aimlessness was refreshing.

With any luck, that will carry over for Jedi Survivor. The first trailer is light on story, but offers glimpses of Cal fighting another Inquisitor, our potential main villain, and the sight of Cal and his droid BD-1 observing an unknown person in a bacta tank. It exists strictly as a confirmation that yes, Respawn very much wants to continue making pretty good Star Wars games. But again, if you put this trailer up against the rest of what happened at Celebration this weekend—see the Ahsoka series gearing up to be a star wars rebels reunionor Jedi legend shorts Bringing Back Fan Favorites Like Dooku and Qui-Gon – Surprisingly survivor did not try Follow suit. No tease to see Cal meeting Ahsoka or a young Han Solo, or even a hypothetical introduction of material from the Expanded Universe.

These things will be revealed in time, because this is the star wars, This is how it rolls.But if Respawn insists gun, and only focuses on a solo adventure where Cal and co run into trouble, while Occasionally Passed by Legacy? Build a nice sub-franchise in a galaxy far, far away.

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