Star Wars’ Galaxy Star Cruiser will provide lightsaber training

John Boyega plays Finn, holding a blue lightsaber in a snowy forest.

picture: Disney

We have talked about the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy Interstellar Cruiser Let visitors experience the wildest resort Disney approved Cosmic fantasy. If spending $6 makes you feel like being in a movie that costs hundreds of millions of dollars is not very tempting, then you will be happy to hear that you will be able to realize those dreams Become a Jedi You always had it when you were a kid, but it can only be achieved with Home Depot toilet paper rolls or rulers.

Like Luke Skywalker in new Hope, There will be a site for you to practice how to use the lightsaber, although from the video below, it mainly requires hitting the beam with your saber.Sadly, these lightsabers are not those Looks cool “real” It was revealed as early as May.Doesn’t seem to be Mad donkey revolving saber This constitutes most of the prequel battle, and we are firmly in the realm of lightsaber as a weapon A more civilized era. At least it seems to really test your ability to react. If you like the old “Simon” game, this should be an interesting challenge. Be sure to pay attention to the cubs around.

Maybe you don’t want to be a Jedi Knight, maybe you want to feel more like driving a starship for the Republic. (Or Rebels, Resistance, you know.) The bridge of the Star Cruiser will satisfy these wishes. You can take the spaceship to hyperspace, and it looks like it will real Cool first person. However, if you are a parent, that is bad news, because all buttons can be pressed on the bridge. There is also a space station where you can protect this ship like in a real space battle, and when you try to blow them to pieces, TIE fighter jets will scream and weave around you.

Maybe one day the experience will be an interesting experience, but unless you already know that you want to go in, you won’t be able to do it Galaxy Star Cruiser A very long time.Once it arrives in March, it will be sold out At least until July.Guess you will have to get through The 4 dollar comic. After reading, please pretend that the problem is with the mini lightsaber.

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