Star Trek explores what’s next for LGBTQ star Adila, Gray

Star Trek: Karber and Stamets of Discovery stared affectionately at each other in the piano bar on a spaceship.

Please have more pianos on the spaceship.
Photo: Brendan Meadows/Paramount+

Star Trekof Progressive LGBTQ history Experienced many ups and downs, discover not excluded.It depicts the chaotic lives of two of the biggest characters: Anthony Rapp’s Paul Stametz and Wilson Cruz’s Hukalb, they’ve already experienced A sort of a lot of Together inside The road to the fourth season. But now, looking back, the pair reflects how their role’s new family is discoverThe queer spirit has grown.

“I think what we know is that we are paying homage to this long-term experience of homosexuals in history, that we created our family. Sometimes our real family cannot accept who we are and who we love, so We create these family units for ourselves so that we can operate in the world and get the support we need in our lives,” Cruz recently reflected in a video call with io9. “And to give an example in the future-we will continue to be a queer community that supports each other, supports each other, and supports each other. Personally, this is really meaningful.”

It’s no longer just Culber and Stamets sharing the spotlight discoverContinue to accept strange storytelling. In the third season, the couple discovered another queer character under their wings, Adira (played by Blu d).el Barrio), they went through the surprising process of becoming humans and joined the Trill symbiote-previously hosted by their boyfriend Gray (Ian Alexander, the head of the franchise). The first public transgender actor). “After the third season, before it comes out—before anyone knows who Adila is, I will tell people,’Wait! You will meet this amazing character”—and then they said, “Okay. Bar, Great,'” Rapp told us. “But now they know about Adila, and now everyone is invested in this, I’m glad we built part of it in such an important way. “

Ian Alexander plays Gray against the background of Adila, played by Del Barrio.

Ian Alexander plays Gray against the background of Adila, played by Del Barrio.
Photo: Michael Gibson/Paramount+

“He also told I Every time he does this. Hopeless! ”DEl Barrio added jokingly. The pressure on the ship clearly still exists: they now assume a greater role as full members. discover The crew of the fourth season, promoted to e-levelnsign, plays a vital role with others Star Trek: DiscoveryActors.But for Del Barrio, it’s not just playing a queer role that is important to them, but Star Trek The cast has also been expanded, allowing these queer roles to be played by outstanding queer actors. “I might also selfishly add that these people feel so important-for example, we love each other, but it also sees queer actors [in these parts]. I mean, it’s done. This is not the first time you see a queer family in a show or movie, but not every time all Queer actor, “tHey noticed. “So having it will only make it transformed into real life, which is great.”

These three actors have a big plot goal, which is to work hard from the third season to the fourth season, even if everyone Yes Also busy with that The entire abnormal business“Dr. Culber made a promise at the end of season three [Gray] Will be seen, when Dr. Culber makes a promise, he will keep his promise,” Cruz said of Stamets, Culber and Adila seeking to pull the latter’s view of the deceased boyfriend out of their symbiote and into the boat. Said when he actually exists. “We figured out a way to make him flesh. Because it is important for Hugh-he understands what it feels like to be in the middle space of existence-to make him a real person.We need everything [Gray’s] Be able to do for the crew–Treat us the same as him. I am really proud of our persistence in doing this. “

Physically or otherwise, Culber just wanted his queer family on the ship to become bigger, which is not surprising to Cruz. “We have so many! We have Ian Alexander, we have Tig Notaro… This queer family is very large, this is an example of our ubiquity,” Cruz celebrated. “What we can do anything. I think this is the message we want to convey. “

Star Trek: Discovery The fourth season is now playing on Paramount+.

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