Star Command Buzz Lightyear-the adventure begins

Buzz Lightyear prepares his laser.

Buzz Lightyear blows up the aliens.
Screenshot: Disney/Pixar

Light years, Disney and Pixar’s upcoming animated feature film about “Primitive” astronaut Whose life story inspired Toy lineNamed after him, it looks a lot like that kind of movie Toy StoryAndy Davis——He was in college when we saw him last time——I would be unabashedly excited to see him.Although this “new” buzz doesn’t sound like the buzz of Andy’s childhood, it’s clear Light yearsThe first trailer for, they are both part of the Buzz Lightyear™ brand and a myth that the studio has been repairing for more than two decades.

One of the things about curiosity Light years Is how similar it looks Star Command Buzz Lightyear: The adventure begins, Directed the 2000 direct video animation feature film by Tad Stones. The adventure begins, Based on Andy’s (Now Bonnie’s) Toys and Buzz (Tim Allen) sit down and watch it on a VHS tape someday later Toy Story 2, Gain insights into the larger universe in which this iconic astronaut’s adventures are located-a universe protected by the Interstellar Command and its fleet of first-class space rangers. The adventure begins Skip the origin story of Buzz and start learning when he is already one of the most respected rangers in Star Command, and actually treat only his partner Warp Darkmatter (Diedrich Bader) as his equal.

Warp, Buzz and LGM looked at something terrible.

Screenshot: Disney/Pixar

The rule-abiding Buzz and the uninspiring brainstorming runner-up usually form the kind of well-balanced team that Nebula Commander (Adam Corolla) and Star Command’s countless little green men (Patrick Warburton) need to win The war with Emperor Zulg (Wayne Knight).When the three LGMs disappeared, Buzz and Warp were the obvious choices for tracking the missing aliens to distant planets, where they found three more LGM is hiding on their ship, hoping to assist in the rescue mission.Although Buzz is The adventure begins‘The script of the protagonists Mark McCork, Bob Scully, Bill Motz, and Bob Rose put a lot of effort into enriching the world around him, because it assumes that you are more or less at the beginning of watching To understand the basics of who Buzz is.

The adventure begins‘LGM’s turn, they were introduced first Toy Story They are quite weird alien toys. Their claws trapped in the machine are fixed in the command hierarchy of the Space Command and become a fascinating device. Since the LGM all share a honeycomb mind that is telepathically connected by a huge object located on their home planet, they can operate seamlessly while developing new technologies that are critical to the defense of the Space Command and the survival of the Space Ranger. The same telepathic link played a crucial role in how Buzz and Warp found their lost colleague, but the mission quickly went off course and ended in Warp’s apparent death, which persuaded Buzz to vowed not to cooperate anymore Partnership.

Although The adventure begins Introduced his “life” elements Toy StoryBuzz has never mentioned it. Its story tries to make you understand how Buzz became a bit arrogant and overly willful when he first appeared on the big screen. The adventure begins Wrapping Buzz’s conceit in the guilt of the survivors, he tried to hide it from Commander Nebula and other people in Star Command, such as his star Stan Booster (Stephen Foster), who was a janitor, Mila Nova (Nicole Sullivan), he is a double duty as the ranger and princess of Tangea planet.

As The adventure begins Combining Buzz, Booster and Mira, its story belongs to the familiar derivative movie mode, which then became a short-lived drama series. As capable and capable as Mila, Buzz refused to accept her as his new partner, partly because of fear that she would meet the same fate as Warp. But it’s also because part of Buzz is not only about his solo feat, but also his hero worship. LGM’s experimental ranger “XR” (Larry Miller) took all the clues from Buzz while learning how to best become the ideal space ranger, but even if the machine works like Buzz, The adventure beginsThe story highlights how XR couldn’t help being his own person with his skills, especially after LGM lost his thought connection, he was destroyed and put together at random.

Many space rangers are listening to the new XR.

Screenshot: Disney/Pixar

As Buzz’s attention turned to discover what happened to LGM’s telepathy, The adventure begins Provide opportunities for every other character and show what makes them as valuable as Buzz’s overall mission to Star Command. To its credit, Buzz has never completely doubted the usefulness of things like Booster’s obsessive memory of the Interstellar Command agreement, or the effectiveness of Mira’s specialized, phase-focused combat techniques. On the contrary, he is unwilling to take a step back and let his allies do what they are good at, and understand that he is one of the bigger challenges facing Buzz.

It wasn’t until Buzz fell completely that he understood how wrong it was to try to keep Mira, Booster, and XR at a certain distance, no matter what his specific intentions were. Faced with Zurg and his new “mysterious” ally, Agent Z, Buzz cannot deny that working with others will only make the job better. Buzz’s toy counterparts also struggled with this idea in Pixar’s movies.It’s interesting how this aspect of Buzz’s personality will continue to Light years, A movie that seems more in line with interstellar, Martian, And others about Very capable people are too free to go shopping.

although Light years It seems that it wants to understand the inner workings of Interstellar Command and the alien world explored by Buzz and other rangers. It also seems to be a project that is more aimed at establishing and fully revolving around its nominal role. Can Work.Once again, though, we all knowledge Buzz Lightyear and new movies like The adventure begins Before that, we must find a way to make this man with a chin chin a character worthy of attention.

Light years It will be released on June 17, 2022.

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