‘Stable’ Kendall Fuller leads the improvement of Washington Middle School

Washington Football Cornerback Kendall Fuller is used to jumping around.

Fuller, Who drafted it Washington In 2016, 2018 was traded to Kansas City-there he Helped the Chiefs to help lock in a Super Bowl victory over San Francisco through interceptions-back in Washington As a free agent.

On the court this season, heAlso back and forth, from playing on a slot machine to moving out of the side.

However, in the last month, Fuller As the team’s second-tier players are getting healthier, he has stayed outside.Outside action and Fuller Can be said to be playing his The best football of Burgundy and gold.

“He may be our most stable [corner],” Washington Coach Ron Rivera said Wednesday. “He is a very smart football player, he can control the game and communicate well with his teammates. We are very lucky. He is a lot healthier than last year, so he played a better level. Once again, you see that he is those who One of the people who tried to lead and communicate there, it really helped that team.”

In the first six games of the team, Fuller Played 43% his Get stuck in the slot compared to the width of 48%, and in three of the games, he There are more snapshots outside than playing inside. But after dividing time between the two positions in Week 6, the Baltimore native is almost entirely an outside corner, having only played nine games in the past four games.

FullerA four-year contract worth $40 million was signed last summer, due to the corner kick Benjamin St. Just and William Jackson III and Danny Johnson, who was called from the training team earlier this season, appeared as corner kicks.

“We have so many talented people,” Fuller Said. “I think the coaches have done a good job every week, allowing us to use their strengths and give play to their best performance.”

“A lot of it has to do with matchups or expectations of the combination of routes we can get,” Rivera said of who is playing at the slot machines and outside. “Kendall‘A very smart person he In terms of understanding the route concept. … Danny feels good, has a good understanding of the route concept, and his expectations are very good. “

Against Carolina on Sunday, Fuller Only allow one catch 11 yards to the wide side he Is covered. Newton only voted once in 29 report snapshots.

Virginia Tech’s product has defended 1 interception and 8 passes in 10 games this season, and is one of them WashingtonAccording to Pro Football Focus, he is a top defender. His PFF rating ranks 20th among all NFL corner kicks.

“I definitely feel good,” said Fuller, No snapshots have been missed since week 5. “Last year, it was important to start with four interceptions… but I definitely feel that this year I got better.”

Fuller’s improved performance on the perimeter was welcomed by the defense that has been working hard to prevent passes.

No team has allowed more pass touchdowns this season Washington, Which is also the 28th yard of the allowed passing yards. But in recent weeks, the second line has improved, limiting Tom Brady’s range to 220 yards-and intercepting two interceptions, and keeping Cam Newton under 200 yards on Sunday.

It’s not perfect-Brady and Mike Evans made contact in a long touchdown two weeks ago, and Newton completed 77% of his passes-but Rivera said the backcourt in recent weeks The “communication” is much better.

“These people feel better about each other, and I really believe this is a very important part of it,” Rivera said. “In the early days, they learned from each other. Now they are much more comfortable outside.”

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