Square Enix is ​​investing in decentralized blockchain games

Blockchain functions in games Did not encounter the most enthusiastic reception So far, but they have just received support from a major publisher.Yosuke Matsuda, President of Square Enix Publish A New Year’s letter stated that from 2022, decentralized games using blockchain and other technologies will become the company’s “major strategic theme”. Matsuda did not name the title, but he did hint at how future versions will incorporate distributed technology.

Matsuda said the company will incorporate the token economy to promote “self-sustaining game growth.” Although the leader understands that many people are skeptical, he believes that at least some gamers want to “play for the sake of contribution.” Blockchain games theoretically provide these players with direct incentives, allowing them to build their own content instead of relying on “goodwill and volunteerism.” At least, the suggestion is that part of the reason users make items is to get rewards.

Matsuda did not directly announce the plan NFT In the Square Enix game. However, he expects these tokens to become mainstream over time and believes “Overheated transaction“Because they will calm down. If you can buy NFTs in the company’s games at some point, don’t be shocked.

Square Enix will pay close attention to market trends and develop accordingly. However, the president was optimistic and stated that his company might issue its own tokens. Whether the market follows suit is another matter.Even heavyweight publishers like Ubisoft have been struggling with early NFT sales of the game, and Square Enix cannot guarantee even a popular series like this Final fantasy In its lineup.

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