Spotify Wrapped in 2021 is an unforgettable funny time capsule

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Earlier this week, New Yorker Screenplay by Amanda Petrusic Wrote a paragraph In her favorite album of 2021. These choices are elegant and thoughtful, but they are presented in an eye-catching way. Petrusich points out that in the past year, she has begun to appreciate “separating the idea of ​​listening from the so-called purposeful consumption of music… of The world is not a reflection of its contemplation. “My feeling is that she is not the only one.

This idea mainly comes from the fact that this week also launched the 2021 Spotify packageThe annual release of the tool allows Spotify users to obtain analysis on the music they play most often, which has become the holy day of the Internet, or, as A tweeter to put it, “Christmas for Gays and Met Gala on Twitter.” A way of self-confession, that is, posting a screenshot of Spotify Wrapped, has then become a way to evoke the obsession with music and the whole #moods. (Have you heard a lot of Taylor Swift’s songs? You are not alone.)

As in previous years, the data released by Spotify includes the list of artists with the most traffic in the world; as in previous years, there are many Bad Bunny and Drake in the data for 2021. Unlike previous years, or at least in the years leading up to 2020, these results also provide a sometimes haunting and sometimes hilarious glimpse of collective psychology.

On the lively side, we have tweets like this, Which points to the Spotify Wrapped comment, which mentions someone’s excessive Hai Song Lectures are “disappointing”. On the unforgettable side, there are more tweets pointing out how much depressing music people have played in the past year. Of course, maybe people-obviously-have heard a lot of Justin Beiber and Doja Cat, but they have also heard a lot of maudlin emo and other similar emotional products. “You can hide your emotional state from your friends, therapists, and even yourself,” wrote author Emery Lord. “But you can’t avoid Spotify.” Musician Dodi Tweet, “Spotify package [you] Men are gay/sad. “Another user Set it up More simply: “I like Spotify Wrapped, otherwise how would I remember how frustrated I was from January to October.”

For others (for example, the few people in my group chat and work Slack), Wrapped just reflects certain niche interests in 2021 (performing tunes, Tenacious D, something strangely called “Midwest emo”) depth. In many ways, as Petrusic pointed out in her work, music consumption has changed in the past two years. People are listening more, but discovering less. It becomes easy to stick to familiar things, or to use Depeche Mode’s words, to enjoy silence. In 2021, listeners did not immerse themselves in sea carols for a long time because there were no new pop, rock or hip-hop songs to consume-they did it because it was comforting and came from travelers who had the same experience The moment of harmony once drifted.

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