Spotify is trying to become TikTok’s latest app

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Another day ending in Y means another big platform is trying Copy the format of TikTok Hope to attract more users among the coveted 18-34 year olds. This is a cycle that we are destined to repeat, day after day, until TikTok or time itself ceases to exist. This time, the platform in question is Spotify.

on Wednesday, TechCrunch report The music streaming platform is Follow in the footsteps Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Netflix, Snapchat, And by testing the infinite scrolling vertical video source to achieve more functions. In the case of Spotify, the feed will appear in the newly created “Discovery” tab located between the “Home” and “Search” buttons and allow users to flip through, for example, Or skip the selected music video.

This feature was first pointed out by the developer Chris Messina, He pointed out in a tweet that the new feed is “basically a condensed version of a TikTok-style vertical music video feed.” In the same theme, Messina speculated that Discover scrolling might use the same Canvas format that Spotify first implemented in 2019, allowing artists to add highly stylized video clips to their music in the Spotify app.

As Spotify has pointed out in the past, early data shows canvas It seems that engagement can be increased, and users are more likely to interact with songs that have this feature attached.It’s also worth noting that, unlike Instagram, it clearly exudes a sense of despair. Below reel function, Spotify is actually just as a music-centric platform, gaining a foothold in video games. After all, the popularity of TikTok videos is driven by the short music clips they sample-who said that Spotify can’t be the other way around?

Spotify’s Discover project is still in the early stages of testing, so it is not known whether we will see it more widely promoted on iOS and Android anytime soon. But one thing we can definitely count on-just as the sun rises from the east and sets from the west-is that in the near future, more and more platforms will inevitably try to play TikTok.

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