Spotify cancels Shuffle as the default setting at Adele’s request

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Deep down, most of us know that the order of the songs listed on the album actually matters. However, in the age of streaming, skipping is easier than ever, especially with the advent of the “shuffle” option. However, after a six-year hiatus, it is extremely important for Adele to let fans listen to her songs. New album “30” Therefore, she decided to seek help from one of the largest streaming media platforms around.

On Saturday, Adele revealed On twitter Her only request for the new album to be premiered on Friday, It’s Spotify that removes shuffle as the default optionThe singer explained that this will make the music platform respect the artist’s work and intentions. On Sunday, Spotify’s random play option, and The intertwined arrows disappeared from all Adele’s albums on the platform, including “30.”

“This is my only requirement in an ever-changing industry! We will not elaborate albums in our repertoire list for no reason,” Adele wrote. “Our art tells a story, and our story should be listened to according to our intentions. Thank you Spotify for listening,” she said.

The music streaming platform seems happy to meet the Queen’s request (especially because she did not ask the company to Pay the artist more or Something similar).

“I will give you everything,” Spotify responds.

Adele’s announcement caused cheers and contempt from others on social media, who believed that the singer had persuaded Spotify to cancel the shuffle option forever. However, this is not the case: you can still shuffle albums.

Gizmodo’s quick review of other artists’ albums (Ed Sheeran, BTS, Blackpink, Taylor Swift) On the platform I also found that the shuffle option has disappeared, and albums are played sequentially by default.butIf we want, we can still activate the random play option Play a song from the album in the Spotify player.

Gizmodo contacted Spotify on Sunday and asked to comment on deleting the album’s default shuffle, but we did not receive a response when it was released.

In a statement type, Spotify said it’s happy to introduce “new advanced features” (because Obviously, the ability to not shuffle is a function? ) This is what users and artists have been asking for for a long time.

“For those users who still want to shuffle the album, they can go to the “Now Playing” view and select the “Shuffle” switch. As always, we will continue to iterate our products and features to create the best experience for artists and their fans. “

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