Spiral BTC released the Lightning Development Kit.Jack Dorsey’s puppet advertises it

The Lightning Development Kit is the latest product provided by Spiral BTC to the community. And to the world. LDK is “the easiest way to integrate the Lightning Network into your Bitcoin wallet”. It is free to use and contains building blocks that anyone can integrate with their products. However, the big news is Jack Dorsey’s puppet. Spiral BTC company released this video to promote the release of the Lightning development kit. Jack Dorsey’s puppet star is among them.

Is it funny or cringing? Opinions are divided. However, one thing is certain, it attracted people’s attention and attracted people’s attention to the Lightning Development Kit project. Therefore, it is definitely a marketing tool, and the Bitcoin community should cherish it. Although the Spiral team said that the main layer was too slow, it was “bad” and “painful to use”. This is not the case, the first layer perfectly completed what it needed to do. If you want speed and ease of use, just go to the second layer. This is where LDK lives.

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What is the Lightning Development Kit?

this project files Define it as:

“The Lightning Development Kit (LDK) is a general-purpose library that allows you to build a Lightning node without worrying about getting all Lightning state machines, routing, and chain penalty codes (and other chain interactions) completely correct. LDK is often suitable for certain Use cases with a degree of customization, such as your own chain synchronization, your own key management, and/or your own storage/backup logic.”

On the introduction page of the Lightning Development Kit, they promised that the product was “designed from the ground up and can be easily customized according to your application needs.” In addition, “lightweight optimization according to your needs, which can run on all embedded devices, such as mobile phones, IoT devices, PoS terminals, etc.” In addition, it is very important to use the Muun method and help you create a single wallet experience . What does it mean?

“There is no need to create separate Bitcoin and Lightning wallets, forcing users to back up additional recovery phrases. Instead, we let you define your own wallet and create a unified experience.”

What are spiral BTCs and what else do they do?

The company was once called Square Crypto. When Jack Dorsey gave up Twitter to focus on other businesses, it was renamed Spiral BTC. The goal is to better communicate what their mission is. “Bitcoin is the best currency. It should be used like this. We build and fund free open source projects with the aim of making Bitcoin the preferred currency on earth.” When this happens, our sister site Bitcoinist gave us 411:

“This year is coming to an end, so these companies have already begun to make plans for the coming year. For Spiral, 2022 will be a year of expansion because it will carry out multiple projects in the new year. To this end, Spiral (formerly known as Square Crypto) plans to double the number of full-time developers in the coming year.
Some of the projects that developers will work on include the Lightning Development Kit (LDK), Bitcoin Development Kit (BDK), grant programs, and Bitcoin design guidelines and communities. “

Yes they sponsored Fantastic Bitcoin design guide And has released a Bitcoin Development Kit For those who wish to build on the first level. They also provide funding to Bitcoin developers, designers, and great projects such as BTCPay Server, Lightning Signer, The Eye of Satoshi, and the widely used Mempool.

BTC price chart for 12/07/2021 on Gemini | Source: BTC/USD on TradingView.com

Other Bitcoin projects led by Jack-Dorsey

As soon as the rumor that Jack Dorsey left Twitter came… well… Twitter, Bitcoinist ran a piece That praised his contribution to the field and speculated on what he would do next:

“It is said that the one who is about to become the former Twitter CEO is probably the best From Halfini In terms of his positive impact on the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Both of them have posted famous tweets about “running Bitcoin” on Twitter, and now their names are almost as synonymous with the top-ranked crypto assets as Satoshi Nakamoto himself.
Finney’s legacy has ended tragically, but in terms of what business entrepreneurs can bring to the entire Bitcoin ecosystem, is Dorsey really just in its infancy? “

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Prior to this, Jack Dorsey’s other Bitcoin-focused company, TBD, announced its first major project. tbDEX will be a decentralized exchange and liquidity protocol. When the company released the white paper, NewsBTC reported and described this The project is:

“TbDEX aims to “build a bridge between the fiat currency and the cryptocurrency world.” This is very clear. We are still living in the fiat currency world. If Bitcoin is to succeed, we need new, simpler, and cheaper ways to do so. Interact with this world. “Realizing this vision faces severe challenges. Legal currency is regulated, and any interface with the traditional currency system or the “real world” cannot be completely trusted. “

At the Bitcoin 2021 conference, Jack Dorsey said: “Bitcoin absolutely changed everything. I think there is nothing more important than work in my life.” And now, he focuses on it. Since he left Twitter, things have progressed very quickly. We would not be surprised if tbDEX releases a working version soon. However, they did not announce any timetable. Only one thing is certain. When the decentralized exchange is ready for the world to see, TBD should use Jack Dorsey’s puppet to promote it.

Feature Image: Screenshot from the promotional video | Charts by TradingView

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