Spain beat Japan 88-77 by 19-0 at the Tokyo Olympics

Saitama, Japan (AP)-They will talk tonight Japan Passed on from generation to generation. Imagine the country’s first men’s basketball game at the Olympics in 45 years. It will be held in an arena in northern Tokyo, where thousands of flag-waving fans will play against the defending World Cup champions.

The epidemic took away JapanThere is a chance to see the desired scene.

Spain Take away JapanThe chance to get the expected result.

Ricky Rubio scored 20 points and his 19-0 run in the second quarter proved to be different because Spain Continue to the top Japan On Monday night, the two teams won 88-77 in the first match of the Tokyo Olympics.

Victor Claver made six shots and scored 13 points Spain, Four Olympic medal winners-three silvers and one bronze.

Hachimura 20 points, Watanabe Yuta 19 points Japan, They spent some pre-match meeting time discussing with each other how the country will be viewed from outside the arena.

“We discussed it before the game,” Hachimura said. “We actually played here just like two years ago, an exhibition game or something. A lot of people came and we were looking forward to it, but that’s it. There is nothing we can do about it, everyone is watching TV.”

Due to the pandemic and the decision not to open almost all venues involved in the Tokyo Olympics to ticket holders, fans were not allowed to enter the Saitama Super Arena, and only a few dozen Japanese-mostly volunteers and workers-were there to watch the game. When the host team was introduced before the game, several people stood up and applauded. Another man took a picture of the large scoreboard hanging above the center court. The video screen showed the Japanese flag while playing the national anthem.

Otherwise, there will be no home court advantage.

“The world is going through some very difficult things, and I think we must all move in the same direction,” said Marc Gasol, who got 12 Spain“The fans are making sacrifices, and we are trying to give them something to cheer and be proud of during these very difficult times. … In a perfect scene, you will fill this arena with people. , But we know that many people are watching us and we are bringing joy to them Japan and Spain. “

Japan After the first four minutes, he fell behind 11-2, but slowly retreated. With 5 minutes and 35 seconds left in the half, Hachimura made three consecutive three-pointers to tie the score to 26.

Also at that time Spain Is looking for its groove.

Spain Made the last 10 shots of the half-time-a 19-0 game took place during that time-and led 48-28 at halftime.

Japan In the first five minutes of the fourth quarter, he twice narrowed the difference to less than 11 points, but the lead is unquestionable.

“It was a great experience,” Hachimura said.


Spain: Thursday’s match against Argentina is the rematch of the 2019 Basketball World Cup Spain 95-75. Spain In the Olympic Games against Argentina, the historical record is 2-0. …Alex Abrinez scored 11 points, and Pau Gasol scored 9 points on 4 of 5 shots.

Japan: Now it’s an eight-game losing streak Japan Since 2006, in the highest level of international competitions-the World Cup or the Olympics. … Japan 42-32 was rebounded.

Say hello again

Spain The score in history improved to 4-0 Japan At the World Cup or Olympic Games meeting. Spain beat Japan 66 wins and 64 losses in the 1960 Olympics, 87 wins and 76 losses in the 1972 Olympics, 104 wins and 55 losses in the 2006 World Cup-the same in Japan.

off day

There will be no men’s games in the Olympics on Tuesday.The women were on the court all day, arranging four games, including the U.S. opener


Spain: On Thursday against Argentina.

Japan: Face Slovenia on Thursday.

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