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Press release. Recently, on November 23, Space Seven Launched the most advanced NFT market. The SpaceSeven market is the first of its kind — one of the few — if not the only platform for large-scale e-commerce, fully compliant.

By combining powerful NFT market technology Takans, A software development company and Venture Builder headquartered in Switzerland, with an R&D center and pioneer Concordium blockchain platform in Ukraine, SpaceSeven has achieved a world-class NFT market, which is expected to fundamentally change the exposure and recognition of artists.

With the help of the Concordium blockchain platform, SpaceSeven can significantly reduce Gas fees—actually only a small part of the cost of Ethereum or other proof-of-work protocols—and increase transaction speed by ten times.

Contains several game-changing functions, such as ‘universe’ Providing a unique experience through exclusive customized galleries, SpaceSeven is undoubtedly redefining the NFT market as we know it. The market allows users to easily add NFTs from multiple networks, and supports payments using cryptocurrencies and credit cards.

Who is behind SpaceSeven?

SpaceSeven is a multi-blockchain NFT market. Takans Take Concordium as its main blockchain. Different from other blockchains, Concordium is a Layer 1 blockchain centered on Reg-DeFi, which has an ID layer at the protocol level and is finalized quickly and truthfully. This means that Concordium can deploy a privacy-centric KYT design to protect legitimate users, but at the same time, for security reasons, it can revoke the anonymity of certain transactions if necessary.

Concordium’s unique ecosystem gives Takans, A venture capitalist, launched SpaceSeven, a truly sustainable, safe and regulated NFT market.

Lars Seier Christensen – Co-founder and Group Chairman of Concordium and SpaceSeven

“For many years, I have been an investor, collector and art lover. I have never seen greater innovation opportunities than the current development of the NFT industry, attracting new buyers, new creative forms, galleries and artists An additional source of income. SpaceSeven is our contribution to this historic opportunity.”

What problem does SpaceSeven solve?

With Concordium as its main chain, SpaceSeven set out to provide solutions to overcome major challenges in the industry.


Concordium has designed a built-in user identity layer at the protocol level to ensure that the user’s identity is confirmed and every transaction is traceable. However, its zero-knowledge proof design ensures that two parties can interact and trade without revealing the other’s unclaimed information.

Low fees and fixed fees

Concordium’s transaction fees are clearly defined and have nothing to do with asset value. Instead, they are fixed and supported into the protocol. The proof-of-stake model is combined with the incentive mechanism to ensure that transaction costs are kept low and fixed.

Carbon net neutralization

Compared with other blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, Concordium’s proof-of-stake model consumes very little energy, and SpaceSeven has proven to be one of the most environmentally friendly NFT markets.


To better prevent fraud, Concordium transactions are assigned an encrypted ID. In addition, with the help of Concordium’s two-layer consensus design, even if cybercriminals hijack less than 50% of the shares, SpaceSeven is still safe.


SpaceSeven aims to lower the barriers for digital artists, creators and celebrities to enter the NFT market. The game-changing features listed above enable SpaceSeven to develop a safe, cost-effective, and user-friendly NFT platform on which all creators can mint and sell their NFTs at fixed prices or auctions.

Wallet integration

SpaceSeven will provide support for CryptoX wallets in our NFT market platform. This wallet will promote CCD tokens, Concordium’s native tokens.

How to access SpaceSeven?

Our platform is available to international users.To mint, buy or sell NFT on the SpaceSeven NFT market, please visit Our website.

Innovation partnership

Enter the 2021 Art Fair

ENTER Art Fair 2021 recently signed a cooperation agreement with SpaceSeven. The world-renowned art fair in Copenhagen has more than 61 galleries, and each gallery casts an NFT. ENTER Art Fair aims to break through the limitations of art conventions and try to innovate platforms. This ambition fits perfectly with the philosophy represented by SpaceSeven. More than 61 galleries participated in this event. Each gallery only selects one of the most acclaimed artists to cast and sell high-quality NFTs on the SpaceSeven NFT market. The event will be held from August 26 to August 29, 2021.

Dorofiva NFT game

NFT is now a global phenomenon, and the launch of NFT games involving celebrities in Ukraine is arousing great interest in the country. DOROFEEVA, one of the top Ukrainian pop singers, whose tracks are at the top of the digital platform rankings, fashion influencers and bloggers are the first to join the platform. On November 27th, she will showcase the game under development on The Market. Conference.NFT Together with SpaceSeven in Kiev.

About Space Seven

SpaceSeven is the world’s first NFT market with the environmentally friendly and efficient Concordium blockchain as the main chain. SpaceSeven allows artists to cast NFTs at a low cost, display their works in an exclusive universe, and sell them effortlessly.

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