SPACE leads the field of social e-commerce

Metaverse is changing the way we interact with each other, turning the two-dimensional world of the Internet into a 3D world, where we can meet, communicate, interact, and even play games together. SPACE went one step further and launched its own virtual world, bringing users into a colorful and friendly environment to meet, showcase art and hold our global conferences. Driven by the latest round of financing, SPACE will become one of the well-known companies in the Metaverse technology field.This innovative company has raised US$7 million from various Tier 1 venture capital funds, including Coinfund, Small and exquisite laboratory (Creator of NBA Top Shot and Flow), Digital Currency Group, Animoca brand and Hough Capital.

The Early Access Alpha version of SPACE has attracted more than 10,000 early adopters and has been integrated with more than 100 different leading companies from the art, fashion and music fields.

Go to destinations pursued by business and society

SPACE will become the destination of the new virtual world, allowing visitors to participate in social and work-based pursuits. It is an area for brand and user communication and cooperation, with exhibitions, showrooms, shops and hangout areas.

Founder space, Batis Samadian said, “As Metaverse continues to gain mass adoption and become a place where many people gather and socialize, it naturally evolves into business, which is exactly what Space focuses on. Users will want to be able to watch shows, buy merchandise, sell merchandise, and interact with digital merchandise in Metaverse. Space is building Shopify for Metaverse, enabling creators to sell their digital goods in a turnkey manner and allowing users to purchase them.

Polygon Studios is keen to support projects such as Space. According to Polygon’s founder Sandeep Nailwal “TThe few participants who bring the future of work and business into web3 are competing, and the SPACE team is one of the most promising leaders in building a virtual world of business. “

The future is bright. It is not just the Metaverse world of games like Axie Infinity and Sandbox. Leaders like SPACE support the business world within Metaverse. The possibilities are endless.

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