South Korea’s Moon promises to finally push for peace with North Korea | Moon Jae-in News

Ensuring peace with North Korea has always been the main goal of Moon Jae-in’s term, which will end in May.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in promised to push for a diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea in the final months of his term, even though Pyongyang remained silent on his efforts to ensure a peace declaration between the two countries.

“I will not stop trying to institutionalize [a] Sustainable peace,” Moon Jae-in said in his last New Year’s address on Monday before his five-year term ends in May.

“The government will seek to normalize relations between South Korea and North Korea, and seek an irreversible path to peace until the end. I hope that the next government will continue to have dialogue.”

North Korean leader’s speech on New Year’s Eve Kim Jong Un focuses on Revitalize the economy and improve people’s livelihood.Marking 10 years in powerHe did not mention Moon Jae-in’s statement calling for the official end of the 1950-53 Korean War, nor did he mention the deadlock in the denuclearization negotiations with the United States.

Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un have held many summits, one of which was held in Pyongyang. A series of negotiations In 2018 and 2019, this process stalled due to differences in the international community’s request for North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons arsenal, and Pyongyang’s call for Washington and Seoul to relax sanctions and abandon other “hostile policies.”

The moon is pushing a “Declaration of the end of the war“As a way to revive stalled negotiations, his government hinted at secret discussions.

However, North Korea has not publicly responded to the latest push. The United States has expressed support for this idea, but may have differences with South Korea on the timing.

“There is indeed a long way to go,” Moon Jae-in admitted, but argued that if the two countries improve relations, the international community will follow suit.

Moon Jae-in said that his contacts with North Korea benefited from a large-scale military buildup, which helped make South Korea more secure.

“With strong security guarantees, peace is possible,” he said.

In his speech, Moon Jae-in also talked about the continuing pandemic of COVID-19, expressed his gratitude to the country’s medical staff, and expressed condolences to the deceased and his family.

The President stated that he would “make 2022 the first year of normalization by fully recovering from the crisis”, although he also warned against complacency in light of the emergence of the Omicron variant of the new coronavirus.

South Korea’s daily cases surged to nearly 8,000 last month, but stricter social distancing regulations and other public health measures have helped slow the spread.

North Korea implemented strict border closures when the pandemic began in early 2020 and insisted that there were no cases of the virus.

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