South Korean officials warn of possible nuclear test by North Korea during Biden’s upcoming visit to Seoul

South Korean military officials warned on Monday that Pyongyang could conduct a seventh nuclear test during a summit between South Korea’s new President Yoon Si-yeol and President Biden in Seoul, scheduled for Saturday or shortly thereafter.

Government officials brief reporters on background Tell The Korea Times said the test could happen “in a short time.”

“Our military is preparing for the worst-case scenario of a nuclear test by North Korea in a short period of time and maintaining a firm combat readiness posture,” the official said.

Seoul officials told reporters that the North Korean regime had made “significant” preparations for a test at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site. Government officials have seen signs of such preparations since March, The Korea Times reported.

While the country can move forward with nuclear tests on its own schedule, North Korea has struggled to contain the COVID-19 outbreak by establishing a “maximum emergency” virus control system across the country.

Mr Biden will visit Asia for the first time since taking office last year. He will meet with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in March and attend a summit in Tokyo of a “quartet” of regional democracies comprising the United States, Australia, Japan and India, which includes China and India . North Korea is expected to feature high on the talks agenda.

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