South African “State Capture” Investigation Says Zuma Hosted Rampant Corruption

Former South African President Jacob Zuma presided over an “incredible picture of rampant corruption” in the country’s most critical state-owned enterprise, according to several years of investigations into corruption under his rule. Preliminary Conclusions.

A preliminary report submitted to President Cyril Ramaphosa on Tuesday called for the prosecution of former senior officials and condemned corrupt international promoters because it described in detail the looting of national airlines, the destruction of tax services, and Other corruption incidents where Zuma stepped down. Power in 2018.

This investigation, led by the Deputy Chief Justice of South Africa, is the first report since its establishment four years ago. It aims to investigate allegations that the Gupta family, a business family and other private interest groups plundered public resources with the help of Zuma . “Influence [the Guptas] The influence exerted on former President Zuma is considerable,” it concluded in the first of three reports.

Zuma is Jailed last year Subpoenas that ignored the investigation triggered South Africa’s The worst violence after apartheidHe is now trying to return to prison after he was judged illegally on bail for medical treatment in advance.

According to the report, Zuma “escaped” the investigation, rather than answering questions about why he let his close ally Dudu Myeni serve as the chairman of South African Airways, because she had “turned into chaos” the once-respected flagship airline. “He doesn’t want to be responsible to the country,” it added.

As part of the “capture” country, the global consulting firm Bain & Company also helped Zuma destroy and weaken revenue services. The report stated that its public contracts in South Africa should be reviewed.

Ramaphosa welcomed the first report of the investigation on Tuesday, calling it a “decisive moment” for South Africa. Fight against corruptionBut its content will embarrass the ruling African National Congress and is being published because confidence in Ramaphosa’s ability to reverse the state’s impunity and decay is waning.

The report recommended that several former SAA officials, including Myeni, should be investigated for fraud. It also called for an investigation into Tony Gupta, one of the family brothers, for alleged bribery in connection with the collection of state funds by a Gupta newspaper.

Myeni denied wrongdoing. GuptasZuma who left South Africa when he lost power has always denied wrongdoing.

South Africa has a poor record in prosecuting political corruption. This is the reality lamented in the report. The state prosecutor has not yet concluded major cases related to the era of state captives. Ramaphosa said he will respond to the survey’s recommendations in the middle of this year.

When a civil servant resisted the occupation of the country by the Gupta media empire, “President Zuma was ready to throw his comrades into the ANC… only because he refused to participate in the corrupt arrangements Guptas sought and took to the streets”, the report say.

It added that the decay of tax services is also “a clear example of how the private sector colluded with the executive branch, including President Zuma, to seize and invalidate an internationally renowned institution.”

Bain accepted the consulting contract with the tax agency, “Even before they were appointed, they met Zuma… In fact, there is no need for a consultant, let alone a complete reform of the world-class institution at the time.” It said, The body was “intentionally captured”.

The investigation stated that Bain’s cooperation with the South African country should be reviewed and prosecution should be considered when awarding the contract. It added that an important whistleblower “rejected Bain & Company’s repeated attempts to provide him with large sums of money in exchange for his silence.”

Bain did not immediately respond to a request for comment.In 2018 it Refund fee And the interest it earns in tax work.

Even at the stage of the first report, the investigation required a thorough reform of South Africa’s public procurement rules and the establishment of a dedicated and independent anti-corruption agency.

“South Africa needs an anti-corruption agency free from political supervision that can fight corruption with fresh and focused energy,” it said.

For the African National Congress, the call for a tough new anti-corruption agency will be particularly painful. When Zuma took power more than a decade ago, the party abolished a similar institution, the Scorpion Party.

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