South African Parliament fire broke out again

A devastating fire that engulfed the Parliament of Cape Town in South Africa reignited a few hours after it was said to have been brought under control.

When firefighters tried to put out the fire on Monday, people saw flames billowing from the roof of the building.

The fire broke out for the first time on Sunday, completely destroying the National Assembly or the House of Commons.

The police arrested a suspect who will appear in court on Tuesday on charges of arson, burglary and theft.

The authorities warned that there may be a sudden outbreak due to carpets and wooden floors in the building, the spokesperson of the parliament Moloto Mathapo told TimesLive in South Africa that some firefighters “work all night” Try to prevent further fires.

But according to Agence France-Presse, there were only 12 firefighters at the scene when the wind reignited the wood above the National Assembly on Monday. Although reinforcements were sent, when night fell, flames could still be seen from the building.

The latest news released by the City Council at 22:00 local time (20:00 GMT) stated that the fourth and fifth floors of the building have been completely destroyed. It is unclear whether the fire has been extinguished.

On Sunday, President Cyril Ramaphosa-he admitted that the sprinkler system in the building was not functioning properly-praised firefighters for responding to “horrible and devastating incidents” within minutes. The response.

Firefighters fighting the fire

Government Minister Patricia de Lille separately admitted that the CCTV cameras were not monitored when the fire first started.

Ms. Delir said that Sunday’s fire caused the National Assembly’s chamber to “completely burnt down.” Other areas of the parliament building, some of which date back to 1884, were also severely damaged.

Due to the holiday, the parliament is currently not meeting and no one is injured.

The building houses thousands of treasures, including historical books, photographs and important works of art. Officials say these treasures have been preserved.

People are particularly concerned about the precious Keskama TapestryIt is 120m (394 feet) long and records the history of South Africa. It may have been damaged or destroyed.

The Parliament Building in Cape Town consists of three parts, the oldest part dating back to 1884. The newer part was built in the 1920s and 1980s and is the seat of the National Assembly. The government is based in Pretoria.

Mr. Ramaphosa spoke on Sunday about his grief over the destruction of “our democratic house.”

The parliament stated that it would “make every effort” to limit any interference with its work, but it is expected that it will take several months for the building to be reused.

Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis said the city council chamber will be used as an alternative venue for council meetings.

This is the second fire in Parliament in a year. In March, a fire was caused by an electrical failure.

last year, Wildfire ravages part of the University of Cape Town library, This is a unique collection of African archives.

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