South African hospital prepares for omicron’s COVID-19 patients

President Cyril Ramaphosa On Monday, South Africans were told to vaccinate against COVID-19 “immediately” because the fourth wave of epidemics promoted by omicron hit the country before the holiday, and hospitals are preparing to accept more patients.

gentlemen. Ramaphosa Said that scientists are trying to answer key questions about the variant, including how fast it spreads and whether it will cause more serious diseases.

The impact on the overall infection is obvious. The number of cases soared from about 2,300 on Monday to 16,000 on Friday, and a quarter of the cases tested positive, up from 2% two weeks ago.

“As the country prepares for the holiday, the most urgent task is to get more people vaccinated. Scientific evidence shows that vaccination is the most effective means to prevent the spread of new infections. Vaccination can reduce severe illness, hospitalization and death.” Ramaphosa Said.

“South Africa now has enough vaccine supply, and we have set up vaccine stations across the country. As time goes by, as the number of infected people increases, the reason for vaccination becomes more urgent and the demand becomes more urgent,” he Said.

About a quarter of the population in South Africa is vaccinated, compared to 60% in the United States

US officials said that under the threat of omicron, they have seen a surge in interest in initial vaccinations and booster injections. omicron is a variant first discovered in South Africa last month with a series of shocking mutations.

“Total dose administered [are] As we approach the winter and the spread of omicron, increase. Need to keep going! Cyrus Shahpar, White House COVID-19 data coordinator, wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

gentlemen. Ramaphosa People are urged to wear masks cautiously and limit social gatherings in the face of the surge. he Said that the government is working hard to ensure COVID-19 treatment because the hospital is preparing for another wave of patients, even if early reports indicate that omicron is causing mild illness.

“Although we don’t yet know how the omicron variant will affect hospital admissions, we have been preparing hospitals to accept more patients, and we are studying how to quickly obtain drugs for the treatment of COVID-19,” he Said. “I call on all South Africans to go out and get vaccinated immediately.”

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