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South Africa bids farewell to the archbishop Desmond Tutu, The final greatness hero Regarding the fight against apartheid, it was at a funeral that was not gorgeous but was bursting with tears and was drenched in rain.

The funeral began with hymns. A group of clergymen burned incense along the aisle and lit candles in the church. Tutu will also be buried on Saturday.

Tutu died Last Sunday, the 90-year-old caused the grief of South Africans and the condolences of world leaders Life Spend in the fight against injustice.

The first black archbishop of Cape Town became an Anglican priest in the early 1960s and won the Nobel Prize in 1984 for his non-violent opposition to apartheid.

After South Africa became democratic in 1994, the late Nelson Mandela appointed Tutu as the chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which was designed to report human rights violations that occurred during apartheid.

Tutu is known for his modesty, and he directed a simple, unadorned ceremony that included a cheap coffin, charitable donations instead of flowers and eco-friendly cremation.

The Requiem Mass began at 10 a.m. (08:00 GMT) at St. George’s Cathedral in Cape Town, where Tutu used the pulpit to attack the cruel white minority regime for many years.

The mourners in the deliberately simple ceremony were limited to close friends and family, clergy and some international guests, including King Letzier III from neighboring Lesotho.

Tutu’s ashes were later buried in the mausoleum inside the cathedral.

Tutu died last Sunday at the age of 90, causing South African grief. World leaders paid tribute to his life’s struggle against injustice. [Jaco Marais/Pool via Reuters]

President Cyril Ramaphosa hosted a special funeral for Tutu, usually for the president and very important people, and he described the Nobel Peace Prize winner’s idol as “noble and moral.” People.

Ramaphosa said: “If we are to understand a global icon as a person with a high moral status, outstanding qualities and serving humanity, there is no doubt that it refers to the person we rest in peace today.”

“There is no doubt that Tutu is a fighter for freedom, justice, equality and peace, not only in South Africa… but all over the world.

“[He was] A humble and brave person who speaks for the oppressed, the oppressed and the suffering of the world, his parents named him Mpilo when he was born, which means life, how appropriate it is. “

Ramaphosa then presented Tutu’s widow with the six-color flag of South Africa, which inspired Tutu to create the term “Rainbow Country” to describe the peaceful coexistence of many population groups in South Africa after apartheid.

“We shared him with the world, and you shared part of your love for him with us,” said Tutu’s daughter Naomi, who is also a pastor.

“We are grateful to all of you for gathering in many places in person or through technological miracles to celebrate the life of dad this week… We thank dad and thank you for expressing love to us in many ways. Because you are in many ways Ways to challenge us.”

Al Jazeera’s Fahmeda Miller reported from Cape Town that he said the president went further and acknowledged the archbishop’s criticism of the shortcomings of the post-apartheid government.

“This is not a person, Ramaphosa said, he was just preaching from the podium, but he was with the people for various reasons, whether it was segregation at the time or after the dawn of democracy,” Miller said.

“Actually, I acknowledged some of the criticisms of the archbishop of the African National Congress government led by Ramaphosa and talked about the poverty and corruption problems still existed in South Africa.”

‘Soul is welcome’

South Africa has been mourning for a week and ended up in bed for two days.

Thousands of people, some of whom have traveled across the country, lined up in front of a small coffin made of rope made of pine trees, decorated with a bouquet of carnations.

In the gray sky and drizzle, the mourners were led into the cathedral. According to the historian Khaya Ndwandwe, Rains “is a blessing”, indicating that Tutu’s “soul is welcome” to heaven.

The mourners include close friends and family, clergy and guests, including former Irish President Mary Robinson, who will read prayers.

The other mourner was Elita, the widow of the last apartheid leader FW de Klerk, who died in November.

One of Tutu’s best friends, the Dalai Lama, was clearly absent from the funeral. His representative, Ngodup Dorjee, told AFP outside the church that he was unable to travel due to his advanced age and COVID restrictions.

Tutu’s old friend and retired bishop, Michael Nuttall, will serve as the Dean of the Anglican Church when Tutu is the Archbishop of Cape Town.

The two established a strong relationship and explained to many people how white leaders work for black leaders. Nator went on to write a memoir about their friendship, titled Tutu’s second place.

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