Sophia AI robot will be marked as Metaverse appearance

A virtual animation version of the world famous humanoid robot Sophia Artificial Intelligence (AI) As part of the upcoming Metaverse project “Noah’s Ark”, the robot will be tokenized and auctioned.

Sophia was developed in 2016 by Hansen Robotics, a company headquartered in Hong Kong, and is well-known worldwide for its dialogue skills and clear speaking ability. In her first 5 years, Sophia spoke at the United Nations and obtained Saudi citizenship.

Earlier this month, former Hansen Robotics CEO and Sophia co-founder Jenny Lin roll out According to the perpetual license and co-branding partnership, in her new company beAI, the virtual animation version of the robot is called “Sophia BeingAI”.

According to the announcement on December 7, beingAI has cooperating In cooperation with Alethea AI, a smart non-fungible token (iNFT) production company, 100 iNFTs featuring Sophia beAI will be launched on Binance’s NFT market through smart IGOs ​​(initial game products) on December 16.

The auction will last for 5 days, and 20 iNFTs will be released every day until the end of December 21.

The term iNFT refers to revolutionary NFTs that embed intelligence in the form of AI personality, adding programmability to their immutable smart contracts. These smart NFTs can autonomously interact with people in a gamified environment in real time.

The series is called “The Transmedia Universe of Sophia BeingAI”. As part of the partnership, Aletha AI’s decentralized metaverse project Noah’s Ark will support 100 iNFTs.

The series is drawn by comic artist Pat Lee, who has previously worked with DC Comics and Marvel Comics in Batman, Superman, Iron Man and Spiderman series.

Alethea AI launched Noah’s Ark in October, with the goal of making its metaworld “inhabited by interactive and smart NFT.” Lin said:

“We hope that SophiabeingAI will combine humans and technology to help humans realize our nature of unconditional love and pure possibility.”

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This is not the first time Sophia has set foot in the NFT field. According to Cointelegraph, Sophia held an NFT auction through the Nifty Gateway platform in March.

In a famous speech at the 2017 Future Investment Initiative Conference, Sophia showed that she can express emotions by making happy, sad and angry faces. In 2019, Sophia stated She knows what cryptocurrency is But didn’t own any.

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