Sony established an electric car company to “explore” to enter the market

Sony is setting up a new company to “explore into” the electric car market and join a long list of technology groups that are considering entering the next-generation car business.

Sony Chief Executive Officer Kenichiro Yoshida (Kenichiro Yoshida) announced plans to open a subsidiary called Sony Mobility at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this spring, which made the group’s share price in Japan It has risen by more than 4.5%.

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Sony launched a prototype electric car called Vision-S sedan Two years ago, this was mainly seen as a way to sell batteries and sensors sold by the group to other automakers. Since 2020, Vision-S has been tested on roads in Europe.

A Tokyo fund manager with a portfolio including Sony said that he was not sure whether the move into electric vehicles represented the long-term benefit of the company’s stock, especially given its history of keen interest in low-profit projects.

The fund manager added that whether Sony plans to manufacture itself is critical. “The outsourcing model designed by Sony and built by third parties may be interesting. Sony trying to become the next Tesla will not. I am surprised that Sony has risen in the news.”

Other analysts expressed curiosity about the rise in Sony’s stock price and pointed out that the company’s interest in electric vehicles has always been Put forward a few years ago.

Yoshida showed off the Vision-S 2 on Tuesday, which is a sports utility vehicle with more space for entertainment equipment. Sony and other companies believe that these devices will become the core of the driving car experience.

In addition to being equipped with seat speakers to create a “three-dimensional sound field” around passengers and panoramic screens, the car will also allow game streaming and remote connection to the PlayStation console.

David Gibson, a long-term Sony analyst at MST Financial, said that the announcement is unlikely to represent a major strategic shift for the Japanese company. He believes it may be more of a demonstration of selling its electronic components and systems to competitors in the automotive industry. .

“It’s no coincidence that they chose SUVs-a lot of the credibility that Sony is looking for will depend on the ruggedness of its components and their suitability for large automakers. The car market is a hard-to-reach market, and it seems Sony Betting on actually making cars is a good way to get attention,” Gibson said.

Sony said that other features will include the ability for the driver to customize the sound of the car, because the otherwise quiet battery motor will change the speed. A spokesperson said that in addition to the traditional roar of the engine, the vehicle can theoretically emit tune samples, movie lines or cheers when the vehicle accelerates and brakes.

Other technology companies spent a few years Experiment with cars There is no need to put the vehicle on the market.

Google Started to study autonomous vehicles in 2009, Apple There is a secret autonomous driving project underway.

Dyson, a British group known for its vacuum cleaners, scrapped After determining that its electric vehicle project is not commercially viable.

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