Sonicware’s latest groovebox is designed for lofi beats

You know lofi beat They’ve taken over when companies design entire instruments around them. Sonicware has introduce Liven Lofi-12, a groove box dedicated to soft tracks. Centered around a 16-bit, 12/24kHz sampling engine, the machine features a 12-bit sampler mode that gives “true” lofi vibes to any sound. You can’t recreate the effect just with a Crusher or similar tool, the company claims.

You’ll also find a “leisure” knob to introduce delay, as well as 11 tracks and 8 master effects that can bring in cassette or vinyl emulations as well as common modifications such as distortion, high/low pass filtering and reverb. Mode presets can also help you get started. The four-track sequencer includes options for locking parameters and sound changes. You’ll find MIDI and 3.5mm ports for input and output. You can use the groove box with an AC charger (not included) or AA batteries.

The Liven Lofi-12 is available now for $239.You might want Sonicware’s Spring small trek If you’re more interested in a general metronome than devoting your energy to a specific sound.It’s better than like Korg Volca sample 2Note that if you’re looking to create music for one of YouTube’s most popular genres, this might be just what you’re looking for.

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